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Self Evaluation Essay

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Susan Keenan English 092
Professor Lett June 17, 2012

I let my life be a looking glass and barometer of how I want and need to be treated in this lifetime. In this life we all want and need different things. My wants and need are simple ideas but the execution of these ideas is not always easy. All people have needs and all people have gifts given to them in their lives. It is what we all choose to do with the gifts that will determine our story of discovery. When our gifts are discovered, it is up to us to use them and show the world what these gifts are. This is why I let my life be a looking glass and barometer of how I want and need to be treated in this ...view middle of the document...

People spend so much time at work that it is like their second family. It’s a miserable place to be if you don’t like being there. My career path landed me in the mortgage industry, which I really enjoy. I enjoy being on the road and working with my colleagues. I also like meeting all kids of new people. Due to the economic downturn and my moving, I have been forced to look for a new career. The medical coding and billing industry is a career path which intrigues me. I would like is to find an office where I am comfortable, like the staff and work being done.

Security is another want that I have. Being alone for so long I have learned to depend on myself for everything since my divorce. Understandably, this is a matter of being able to trust and feeling secure enough to let someone in. I am working on this and it is something I desire.

Speaking of men, trusting men very easily but I am a very trustworthy person. I feel that this is a gift that I can not only offer to my friend but to work as well. I worked with very confidential and sensitive information being a mortgage banker and it take a company a lot of trust in a per in order to be able to do that kind of work. I am lucky and blessed to have the gift of trustworthiness. This goes for my personal life as well. MY friend and family can tell me anything without worrying about me divulging any secrets...

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