Self Diagnostic Essay

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Self-Diagnostic Essay Assignment

Self-Diagnostic Essay Assignment
I was told that the truth and only the truth will set you free and I am far from a J.K. Rowling or a William Shakespeare when it comes to writing. If the Olympics had writing as an event and I was for some odd reason competing in that event. My country will be highly disappointed with my efforts on winning. I have more weaknesses then strengths when it comes to writing, that is why I decided to take this course so I can enhance my writing abilities to reach my goals this semester.
One word to describe my health as a writer will be obese. I consider my health as a writer to be obese just for the simple fact that I’m so ...view middle of the document...

I was never into reading chapter books unless it was assign for a book report. I think my choice of books growing up has and effect on my writing abilities. This indicates that I have many weaknesses with my writing. Spelling is one of my major weak points, I use incorrect grammar, using appropriate opening, always being too wordy, run off sentences, not completing my sentences and all around bad sentence structure. I also have a problem with when I should use commas. Spellcheck can become the enemy without me even knowing. I rely on spellcheck every time I see that red line under a word. Even though spellcheck does help out when needed, but spellcheck is only there to replace my words with the word the computer thinks is a best fit. I have to be careful because it might not be the word I wanted to use, which will lead to poor grammar. I tend to use incorrect grammar because I need to not write my papers the way I speak. With using appropriate opening it can get hard because I always try my best to be creative and not dull. I really do believe in catching my reader’s attention. Through all honestly the reason why my paper get too wordy, run off sentences and bad sentence structure is because in the past I will use random words to just fill up a page to get my paper done, which is a poor way to go about writing. The better the flow of the paper the better the reader will be able to understand the main point of my paper. Knowing how to wrap things up and getting straight to the point will be best for me because it’s important to not get the reader lost in my train of thought. My use of commas has an effect on my poor writing skills because I use too much commas when I write. With all my weaknesses creativity is the only strength that I have and I take pride it in. I plan on taking this course serious and all these bad habits of mine need to go away. With these weaknesses of mine I often lose motivation on completing the paper I do not want that to keep happening.
Growing up as young man in college I want to take...

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