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Self Defense Essay

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Ever had one of those nights where you’re walking down the street and everything is quiet. Thinking that everything is just fine, you get attacked by a random stranger who lounges at you with brutal strikes and punches. Shocked and not knowing what to do, the easy thing to do is to just take the hits over and over again. By then, you have given satisfaction to your attacker by succumbing to the violent circumstances given and surely enough; you have been not only robbed of whatever few valuables you possessed at the time, but also you’re sense of security. Self-defense is the countermeasure that includes the protection one’s property and the prevention of harm. It is the very ...view middle of the document...

Today, if one is in a crisis such as this, tolerance won’t exactly serve much help to free the person from an attack. The next step would be the old school way: only use these techniques when absolutely necessary.
As TeenHealth says, the real meaning of self-defense is the ability to outsmart the attacker and avoid confrontation. While the victim has absolutely no idea that the attacker too is merely scared, you also do not know if the attacker has taken any drugs to numb out the pain. The real key in self-defense is to use the attacker’s own strength to defeat him (Dowshen). “People who are threaten and fight back “in self-defense’ actually risk making a situation worse (Dowshen).” The best way to prevent injuries is to attempt to leave the scene at once. Easier said than done; that is the role of self-defense.
Although many people believe that self-defense is all about kicking and punching until the attacker is on the ground begin for mercy, it is about discipline and peace. “The practice of martial arts embeds a certain form of body habitus, a disposition of mind/body unity (Brown & Johnson). A necessary unity between the body and mind has to be established first to be able to learn how to properly defend one self. Through this bond, one can learn to remain calm during a difficult situation, dominate their instincts and adequately protect valuables, others or ideals without the need of violence. Just as well, one can defend their well-being without the fear of lacking the proper mechanics to fend off any incoming attacks.
Self-defense has seen a wide use in...

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