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Self Concept Essay

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The Self Paper
Jamila Gilliam
Psych 555
December 9, 2012
Dr. Jay Greiner

The Self
This paper is about self-concept and how it is developed. Self-concept is important to the field of psychology because it explains one’s attitude and how they view themselves. This paper will define self-concept, the relationship between the self and emotion and the effect on individual self-esteem. Lastly, the author will explain the relationship between self and behavior and the effect on individual self-presentation.
Define the concept of the self.
Explain how an individual develops a self-concept.
Explain the relationship between the self and emotion and how this relationship affects an ...view middle of the document...

It is not that the married couple look alike, but they mimic each other’s facial expressions and muscle groups develop resulting in similar facial habits (Fiske, 2010).
Cultural mandate is adhering to the ideals passed on by one’s culture. Cultural mandates determine how individuals respond to specific situations. In the past individuals followed cultural mandates or sought out explanations for circumstances through religion and custom (Fiske, 2010). Many individuals still seek answers through religion, but now individuals often seek out explanations or expertise by modern courts, lawmakers, educators, policy analysts, etc. The aforementioned are forms of social psychology.
Scientific methods are relevant to social psychology as, through research, it creates scientifically reliable knowledge via techniques, procedures, analyses, and standards (Fiske, 2010). The research provides clarification of the scientific social puzzle. There is an alternative to scientific methods and that is common sense (Fiske, 2010). Social psychology is about interaction and it can often be mistaken that common sense can be used to reach an explanation. Common sense is unreliable and scientific methods are reliable. Common sense is not consistent and science provides the evidence and validity to offer understanding of social psychology (Fiske, 2010).
The fourth key characteristic of social psychology is the search for wisdom. Social psychology does not just involve the search for knowledge, but also wisdom (Fiske, 2010). Throughout life individuals pick up wisdom along the way from family, relationships, and experiences. The wisdom gained through family, relationships, and experiences are fused with moral and intellectual concerns (Brickman, 1980). The wisdom and knowledge acquired allows for a better understanding of social issues in the field of social psychology. Scientists search for wisdom and knowledge is all in the goal of improvement of lives.
Situationism is the scientific belief in the significance of context (Fiske, 2010). Situationism offers an intellectual contribution to social psychology and explains individual’s behaviors. Individual behavior is based on the situation. Kurt Lewin (1951) designed experiments that showed the power of situation. In World War II usual meats were scarce and families were not open to eating other meats or organ meats. If families ate other meats, the supply of meat would be stretched. Lewin presented an experiment on how to persuade the families. Lewin identified that the wife is the gatekeeper of the family and that was the starting place. Lewin decided on presenting information to the families in the lecture style. Lewin provided recipes and stories and the follow up was low. Finally Lewin tried the social situational approach in small group settings. During the group settings the women were able to exchange information and be influenced by one another. Lewin asked the women at the end of the meeting to raise...

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