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Self Awareness Essay

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Written Paper on the Use of Self-Awareness in Social Work Practice

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The importance of self-awareness in social work practice is emphasized in Standard 2.
Self-Awareness of the NASW Standards for Cultural Competence in Social Work Practice

“Social workers shall develop an understanding of their own personal and cultural
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A compassionate cultivation of self-awareness is an essential skill vital to the professional growth and development of being a competent social worker. It requires dedication and commitment to an on-going practice of mindful non-judgmental attention to what is happening inside of us as we interact with others.

Procedures For Completion Of Assignment

Completion of this Field Assignment requires a written paper on how self-awareness can
effectively be used by the Field Student in social work practice with a specific client of the current Field Agency. In preparing this paper, it can be helpful to keep a daily journal of
one’s self-awareness reflections in relationship to one client.

This assignment should be double-spaced and completed in a narrative format. The following points should be considered in completion of this assignment:

• Developing a self-awareness inventory of one’s experiences in relationship to a specific client including:

o Emotions
o Thoughts
o Beliefs regarding similarities and differences in:

✓ Race
✓ Culture
✓ Ethnicity
✓ Religion
✓ Age
✓ Health
✓ Socioeconomic status
✓ Political persuasion
✓ Sexual orientation
✓ Gender
✓ Rank
✓ Personal history including sexual abuse, physical and emotional abuse, domestic violence, criminal activity, substance abuse, previous parenting issues, adoption, issues of loss and grief, and mental illness

• Identify how these internal experiences influence one’s behavior with the client.

• Identify how these internal experiences:

o Are easy to have.
o Are disturbing and difficult to have.
o Positively affect the cultivation of rapport and relationship development with the client.

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