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Self Assessment Of The Steps Essay

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When trying to access one's learning style, it is important to identify the stages of personal development and how impactful these stages were. According to Thomas Hoerr, a writer for the Scholastic Parent & Child publication, "You can begin to see a preference for particular styles at around age 2. By then your child will most likely respond best to specific activities and types of experiences" (2; Multiple Intelligences). The easiest starting point that I can remember is my first formal introduction to education. In my case, I attended a private church-school called the Cornerstone Church Academy.I was very familiar with most of the staff at the school as one of my parents was a ...view middle of the document...

I had not developed the ability to pay attention or to learn from lectures or instructor-led teaching. I stayed in the public school system struggling to adapt to this new learning forum until I was a sophomore in high school. By this time, I had gained proficiency in learning through the setting of group studies and classroom lectures. An opportunity arose to attend a program that would require my last two years of high school to be spent at a local college. The program would allow an individual to work towards earning an A.A. degree and a high school diploma simultaneously. When I graduated high school I would transition right into my junior year of college.I was very excited about this opportunity. It sounded appealing until I found out that most of the work to be done would be independent research with minimal instruction. I had spent the last eight years neglecting this type of learning and working to be better at seminar style learning with small groups. I decided to try the program irregardless of these new challenges. Fortunately, my independent learning skills that I had not been using from my first exposure to education were easily regained. Once again, I was back into the habit of effectively completing my assignments in almost total isolation. I found that I preferred this type of environment when compared to working in groups. It seemed to me, that I could precisely control every aspect of my learning and that there were large benefits because I did not have to rely on other people to achieve the desired outcome. I used this same mentality all the way through earning my bachelors degree.The next major transition in my learning style development took place when I started working at Petco. It became clear that by paying attention at work, I was learning and growing my value. As I drafted out this paper, it occurred to me that even though I have not been in school for some time, I had converted my learning style into my work style. This practice has allowed me to constantly learn while I am at work. I have found that I...

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