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Select And Explain The Most Important Turning Points In The Life Of Vladimir Lenin, 1870 1924

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In 1917 Lenin became the Russian dictator and is known nowadays as a Founder of Communism. Many events in his life have turned Lenin's attitude and changed him.In 1887, Lenin's brother was convicted of an attempted assassination on the Tsar and was consequently hanged for his crime. His brother's activity may have sparked Lenin's interest in revolutionary activity and radicalized him as at this time Lenin began studying the writings of Karl Marx and Chernoshevsky, who had as well socialistic beliefs.Graduated from the gymnasium and moving on to the University of Kazan, Lenin firstly came into contact with revolutionary groups. He was even expelled in December from university and placed under ...view middle of the document...

In 1914 World War 1 broke out shorty thereafter and Lenin was arrested by the Austrians. Luckily Lenin had a chance to move back to neutral Switzerland, where no one could make any harm for him for his beliefs. The way of life in Europe changed Lenin. He could be admired by the life in Europe as the European countries were much richer than Russia and living conditions there were much better than in Russia. But in contrast he started to hate Capitalism. Therefore he was worried for his native country and wanted Capitalism to be away from Russia. That's why he didn't stop thinking about his beliefs in Europe.In February, the first uprising in St.Petersburg took place, causing the abdication of the Tsar and the installation of the Provisional Government, which was weak in taking decisions, under the control of Alexander Kerensky. The revolution has begun officially on April 10. Lenin saw the revolution and the situation in the Russia as a good chance to take over the weak Provisional Government and realize his communistic ideas. The German government helped him and gave him more chance, aiding Lenin in an attempt to undermine Russia's ongoing war effort in return if he stops the war on the conditions of German. Lenin accepted such deal. Germans aided him, smuggling him through Germany in a sealed train car as Germans were afraid as such communistic beliefs could be spread in Germany and the revolution in Germany can start in favour of communism. Therefore Lenin was isolated from the public. Returned to Russia, Lenin was consistently aiming to get control over the government.The Great October Socialist Revolution began. Through this armed assault and through the actions of Lenin's Military Revolutionary Committees, the Provisional Government was overcome on November 7. As the Lenin became the head of the government he was given great opportunities to realize his beliefs and ideas. Therefore Lenin immediately published his decrees on peace and land control and formed the peasant's worker's government on November 8. That evening, the All-Russia Congress of Soviets convened and Lenin was elected Chairman of the Committee of People's Commissar's. Lenin's famous radio broadcast 'To All' was aired on November 12.Lenin quickly began to consolidate his power by organizing all the various revolutionary factions into the Communist Party and outlining his plan to reorganize Russia's economy according to Marxist principles. To free Russia from the outputs of the war, Lenin sent a telegram to the Russian delegation in Brest-Litovsk demanding that they sign the peace treaty. Lenin was backed by the Extraordinary Congress of Soviets and the treaty was signed in 1918. Capitalistic countries...

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