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Select A Community Support Network In Your Area And Discuss What Services It Provides For The Community, How Accessible It Is, And Who Accesses It. Uniting Care Burnside

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Uniting Care BurnsideUniting Care Burnside is a non-government agency of the Uniting Church, which aims to "provide a just and safe society for all young people and their families-because children matter."(Uniting Care Burnside brochure, pg 4)The Dubbo department opened over twenty years ago following the merger of several similar services. Eventually the original residential homes of Badalla House and Dalmar were closed, and the Government surplus from this was re-issued to Burnside. It was obvious that the far west region of New South Wales was in need of a youth and family network of this demeanour, hence the highly developed and reliable service that is Burnside today.Burnside is not ...view middle of the document...

This is when the child cannot return to their biological family for various reasons, and remain in out of home care until they are eighteen years of age. Usually the child is found a long-term foster family for this time, however this is not always possible and the child will move from various families. In the long-term program intense support is given continuously by Burnside caseworkers to both the child and their carers.For those families whose situation is not as damaging as others, weekend Respite Care and the ROCK (Respite Options and Camps for Kids) program is available as a temporary relief from tension within the family. Children suited to respite care will undergo a weekend placement with local trained carers to give them a temporary change in environment. Also the ROCK camps are run once every two months for young people aged sixteen-eighteen years, who need a break from their every day routine. These camps include mentors who add experienced insight into life and encourage young people to establish and maintain significant relationships, within and outside the family unit. The ROCK program accepts children referred to them by DoCS, Grace Cottage, Doorways and other similar services in the Dubbo area.Funding for this service comes partially from the Government, This small portion became available on the closure of the residential homes. Funds to run programs and the ROCK camp is acquired from public donations and sponsorships. This sis where volunteers become of great assistance in helping to collect funds. Also the pooling of resources and...

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