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|SEITZ |February 1 |
| |2009 |
| A vision, obstacle, and a goal can all be found inside every business, but it is how they |Huntsville Plant |
|are seen, defeated, and achieved that sets them apart. SEITZ promises that each and every day,| |
|whether or not our doors are open or shut, we will stick to our mission and complete it to its| |
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” Because project managers use an immense amount of their time to communicate, it is important to use different mediums to communicate with their teammates and employees to get across their message to prevent miscommunication throughout the project.

Therefore, it is very crucial for Janis Clark to communicate, communicate, and communicate with Joe Downs and Steve Pokorski since they both equally play an important role in the Huntsville project since Downs is the Director of Plant Engineering and Pokorski is the Vice President of Operations. In addition, because Janis Clark and her teammates (Ryland Jones – Marketing Director and Jonathan Jung – Regional Sales Manager) are low on technical people, Downs and Pokorski are their best resorts for technical issues and plant engineering.

Because Downs and Pokorski are both leaders at SEITZ, it may be difficult for them to work under Janis Clark especially after their proposal for a new product was denied. Therefore, the project manager should “possess a set of skills that will both inspire the project team succeed and win the confidence of the customer,” by executing proper communication, leadership, problem-solving, time management and interpersonal skills. (Clements and Gido, 304)

Should any status, technical or responsibilities arise between Clark, Downs and Pokorski, it is important for Clark to follow the skills needed to be a project manager as discussed below from “Effective Project Management”.

Stages of Team Development and Growth (Page 333)
First Stage – Forming
Second Stage – Storming
Third Stage – Norming
Fourth Stage - Performing

Characteristics associated with effective project teams (Page 337)
A clear understanding of the project objective
Clear expectations of each person’s role and responsibilities
A results orientation
A high degree of cooperation and collaboration
A high level of trust

In addition, potential communications conflicts that may occur between Clark, Downs and Pokorski:
1. Downs and Pokorski may be upset that Clark is trying to steal their best and brightest employees from their team to be utilized during the project and then at Huntsville Plant after.
2. Clark may not understand how much time is required of Downs and Pokorski to execute the building of the plant successfully.
3. Clark may not provide enough funds for Downs and Pokorski to execute their parts of the project.
4. Downs and Pokorski may not communicate with Clark as much as she would like them to in order to prevent miscommunications throughout the entire process and to ensure the project is implemented successfully.
5. Clarks, Downs and Pokorski may identify tasks incorrectly since they all play a different role if they do not communicate clearly to each other.

Clark will need to use both verbal and written tactics such as...

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