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Segments Served Essay

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Segments Served

Our market will be segmented into two segments that have common needs in order to respond similarly to a marketing action. Therefore, to gain competitive advantage with a specific segment we need to link needs to actions. Owning and maintaining a home is really expensive. However, due either to our own ambitions or Mother Nature inevitably we find ourselves making home repairs or home improvements to our houses. In some cases we put on our own home improvement or repairs DIYer tool belts and do it ourselves. There are many requirements to a useful and effective segment, the segment we tend serve will be measureable; accessible or rather reachable; sustainable and will ...view middle of the document...

Novice home improvement DIYers frequently jump into a project without the proper knowledge, experience or training. For example, watching a thirty minute home improvement show on building a deck is far from sufficient enough training to simply go out and grab a hammer and start mounting your own deck. Therefore, basic carpentry and roofing skills need to be acquired first to ensure the deck will be constructed properly in accordance with applicable building codes. Additionally, social media offers many options to obtain information on nearly every conceivable subject. Home improvement advice is readily available in these venues. For example, on YouTube an individual can find many videos on someone describing the proper steps to accomplish a particular task. However, the danger is that these “experts” may not be qualified to give such information, and since this outlet is not held to any particular standard, the information provided may note be factually correct – resulting in potential loss, damage, or injury for someone who does not have the DIY competence to undertake such a project.
Personal Skill Limitations
The failure to recognize one’s personal skill limitations is another potential pitfall for the novice or inexperienced DIYer. As stated earlier, novice home improvement DIYers often think they are qualified to tackle a home improvement project simply because they know how to hold a hammer or operate a table saw. It is crucial to know that there is a big difference between knowing how to hold a tool versus actually using it properly. In addition, every home improvement project may require peculiar skills, physical strength, or even multiple pairs of hands.
Another mistake novice DIYers make is not fully recognizing exactly how much time is truly going to be required to accomplish a particular home improvement project (Weintraub, 2012). Some of them probably start out with good intentions such as “I’ll spend the next 8 weekends and afternoons dedicated to a project” to complete it, but in the end fill half their weekends and afternoons with other activities. As a result, the homeowner will find that the project is still not complete months beyond the original estimated date of completion.
Planning and Preparation
Planning and preparation are vital ingredients to success in any endeavor (HomeGuide123, 2012). Undertaking a DIY home improvement project is no different. To achieve DIY success, DIYers need to develop a plan that leaves as few stones unturned as possible. Thus, the better they plan the project, the probability of a successful outcome will also be better. By using a DIY consultant during the initial planning phase of a project, the homeowners may be able to accurately forecast all associated requirements and avoid potential delays or excess expenditures.
Cost Estimation
It is human nature to want more for less - we are inherently programmed to think this way. Therefore, when planning a home improvement project,...

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