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Segmentation Essay

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By: Philippine Dental Association & Surgeon General’s Report on Oral health, May 2005

• "During the last 50 years, there have been dramatic improvements in oral health, and most middle-aged and younger individuals expect to retain their natural teeth over their lifetimes," said Surgeon General David Satcher, M.D., Ph.D.
• "However, this report illustrates profound disparities that affect those without the knowledge or resources to achieve good oral care. Those who suffer the worst oral health include individuals who are considered poor in the economic class, especially children and the elderly. And those with disabilities and complex health ...view middle of the document...

• “1 in every 5 adults suffers from sensitive teeth and/or gum problem.”
• “Sensitive teeth can start hurting as early as in your 20's”
• The teeth most commonly affected are "canines" and "premolars"

• “When gums recede and expose the dentine underneath, the teeth can become sensitive to heat, cold, sweetness, acidity, and sometimes, just by brushing.”
• Tooth sensitivity can cause improper brushing which may lead to a progression of problems including:
a. plaque build-up
b. gingivitis
c. periodontal disease
d. tooth loss


1. Based on the survey conducted by (an online buying consumer review) across the age groups of adults, gender, occupation, and social/work status in the city, survey results showed that 90% of the consumers who are in their 30’s to late 50’s have compelling concerns for oral health care. This group presented their needs and wants in a toothpaste that can help them manage their gum problems and sensitive teeth. Specifically, they have spelled out the following criteria which they have been looking for in a toothpaste brand:

a. “I want toothpaste that takes care of my gums and cleans my teeth. It should also be unflavored, so I don’t have to deal with yucky toothpaste tastes.”
b. “My toothpaste should carry the benefits of all that I need – a mouth wash that will make my breath fresh; a paste that will leave my teeth feeling fresh and clean; and a paste that will solve my gum problem. But what I really like to consider in a toothpaste having all these features is the price!
c. “I also always chose the ones that can whiten teeth or reduce tartar, and the other toothpaste brands are somehow too harsh on my gums.”
d. “It should contain an element to speed up the growth of new tissues in the gums, Vitamin E to soothe and smooth damaged tissues, and element that can reduce plaque and tartar build up.”
e. “I want a fast action, long lasting protection toothpaste that can clean and safely remove the stains in my teeth without bleaching.”
f. “I need toothpaste that could take the necessary preventive measures against gum disease, since I am always on the go and have little time for daily preventive oral care.”
g. “I drink a lot of coffee and I smoke daily, I need a toothpaste that can take away the stains on my teeth, and prevent my gums from getting the disease.”

2. Based on the focused group discussion conducted by group 6 with the dental practitioners in the areas of Periodontic Dentistry, Prosthodontic Dentistry, Orthodontic Dentistry, and Esthetic Dentistry, the care for the gums and bones are paramount to any adult individual, because these are what the teeth and any prosthetic material hold on to.

These professionals mentioned that there is a growing population of patients with gum problems. Most often than not, these patients are the adults, Most often than not, these patients...

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