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Seeing People Off Essay

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Vorobyova Olesya, RP-123
Text analysis.
Henry Maximilian Beerbohm (London 24 August 1872 – 20 May 1956 Rapallo) was an English essayist, parodist, and caricaturist. He was a popular radio broadcaster, talking about cars, carriages, and music halls for the BBC. His wit is shown often enough in his caricatures but his letters contain a carefully blended humour—a gentle admonishing of the excesses of the day. Beerbohm's best known works include A Christmas Garland (1912), a parody of literary styles, Seven Men (1919) and Zuleika Dobson (1911), a satire of undergraduate life at Oxford. This was his only novel, but it was very successful.
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We can find it in the sentence «…but it was as the face of a stranger — a stranger anxious to please, an appealing stranger, an awkward stranger. » In this case, the repetition consists in repeating only one word, so that with each repetition the emotional tension increases.
The second part is a main body, which, in my opinion, begins with the sentence «He seemed, nevertheless, delighted to see me.» In this part, we learn about Le Ros’s life, about his job and about the Anglo-American Social Bureau. Le Ros tells about a kind of activity of Bureau and about the reasons of its formation. Besides, in the sentence «"Many Americans," he said, "cannot afford to keep friends in England.» we can see the author’s irony, because we can use the word “keep” with, for example, animals. We can keep dogs, cats, horses…, but we cannot keep friends - we can have them. In this part, in addition, author uses a syntactical parallelism for the purposes of emphasis on the importance of activity of Bureau: «It prevents them from feeling out of it. It earns them the respect of the guard. It saves them from being despised by their fellow-passengers. »
The climax begins with «"Teach me!" I cried. » There the narrator understood that he would like to be a good seer-off as Le Ros is....

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