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Security Vulnerabilities And The Essay

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Employee’s Security Vulnerabilities and the
Affects on Organization’s Information Technology
University Maryland University College

Employee’s Security Vulnerabilities and the
Affects on Organization’s Information Technology
Cyber security vulnerabilities and threats are real and constant. Information technology breakthroughs have given our adversaries cheaper and often effective cyber weapons to harm U.S. computer networks and systems (Gen Alexander, 2011). Unfortunately, our adversaries are not our greatest vulnerability to cyber security or cyber space.
Cyber security is a branch of computer technology known as information security as applied to computers and networks. ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, each employee in an organization has a role and responsibility. Only three roles will be addressed; Chief of Information Officer (CIO), System Administrator (SA) and Employee.
The CIO is ultimately responsible to protect the organizations information systems against security vulnerabilities and threats. Threat is anything with potential to damage or compromise the communications infrastructure or some portion of it. (Macwan, 2004). Vulnerabilities are flaws that can be exploited by a malicious entity to gain access or privileges that are greater than those that are authorized on an information system. (ITL, 2005) They are also responsible to improve the employee’s awareness.
Employees should have a full understanding and adhere to the information systems user’s policy. The CIO must provide the best practice for successful security management policies. The policy must address stringent security guidance especially with the increase and demand for internet usage. Employees should know the potential vulnerabilities and consequences if it becomes a threat. Employees should also receive the proper technical and basic awareness training. Organizations must protect security technology and commit to proper training for their employees. An untrained employee could do more harm than an external hacker.
Here is an example of an employee at National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) who was negligent and became complacent on with his duties. On April 12, 2006 NASA experienced a VIOP outage due to human error. The outage affected all VOIP services connected to its headquarters. A qualified technician made the mistake of deleting all VIOP phones versus the 19 required. The technician’s actions were due to his negligence and complacency. The headquarters were out of service for a period of 5 hours. NASA immediately made changes to their policy to guard against human error. System wide changes now require two technicians to minimize procedure errors. (Barrett, 2006)
Another area where employees must be proficient is password usage. Employee’s weak passwords can be vulnerability. Passwords are a primary means of authentication. Employees often use passwords that easy detectable. This can be prevented, if System Administrator (SA) makes it mandatory to have stringent password criteria. One example and the most frequently used are to have upper and lower case alphanumeric, numbers, and special characters. These passwords also should be changed every 30-60 days. The employees shouldn’t be able to reuse previous passwords. By setting these parameters it will make passwords less vulnerable to an attacker. Implementing these stringent password management rules, may cause some employees to have a difficulty remembering their passwords and tend to write them down. Employees also tend to reuse the same passwords to access different systems and sites. Writing down and using the same password(s) for multiple...

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