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Security Policies Essay

1425 words - 6 pages

Bowie State University
Department of Management Information Systems
INSS 887: Emerging Issues in Information Security
Assignment #3
Summer Session, 2014

Answer each question thoroughly. Points will be deducted for fragmentary answers. The completed assignment should be submitted in the designated Drop Box by midnight on Sunday, July 27, 2014.

1. ABC Corporation has a thorough security plan for the primary and recovery systems used to ensure that even during a recovery the information is protected. Comprehensive plans are only a part of its efforts in securing recovery. Assuming that ABC will use contract employees for part of the recovery, describe how the ...view middle of the document...

Because of this, it’s logical for organizations and governments to increase efforts to protect computer networks and safeguard data. It would be immoral to provide insufficient security for sensitive data such as financial information or health records. Businesses and governments should be held responsible for protecting data. Unawareness or a lack of means should no longer be a justification for a lack of cyber protection.

In contrast, while Britain’s Joint Cyber Reserve Unit has the means to counter-attack in cyber-space, they also have the ability to strike in cyber space. Back and forth attacks have the potential to turn dreadful, with the consequences resulting in actual combat. At the very least, counter cyber-attacks should be limited to governments. This is not to say that I agree with counter cyber-attacks. Former hacker Mustafa al-Bassam, who once belonged to the LulzSec hacktivist group, stated that Britain’s possible recruitment of convicted hacktivists for the Joint Cyber Reserve Unit may backfire. Al-Bassam noted that hacktivists often target governments because they “stomp” on the civil liberties of others. The recent revelations from Edward Snowden about US and UK government spying programs supports this mistrust and has swayed a lot of people with cyber skills from working for government cyber programs. The public has a genuine fear that government cyber programs will misuse their power and go outside their jurisdiction of securing its nation.

b. How should the U.S. government respond to a hacking attack by China in which the hackers shut down critical military communications for several hours?
Any attack that aims for military communications must be taken seriously, regardless of who launched the attack. The 2009 Stuxnet attack that was directed towards Iran’s nuclear program could have been considered “an act of force” and was possibly unlawful under international law, according to the manual commissioned by NATO’s cyber defense center. If US military communications were attacked by China, the US should turn to NATO and the United Nations before launching a counter-attack against China. Efforts should be circumvented to engage in physical combat. Maybe business sanctions could be enacted against Chinese-US transactions but this would hurt both American and Chinese businesses.
3. Power and water providers might soon have smart metering and analysis systems sophisticated enough to deduce what appliances we are using at various times of day (e.g., cell phones charging and an air conditioner running), when we shower (and for how long), and when we sleep.
c. Identify the privacy or other issues this innovation could raise.
Opponents of smart meters claim they may cause health, security, and privacy invasions on consumers. Smart meters have the ability to regulate thermostats in homes and businesses. For example, thermostats could be changed during peak times. This capability could be inconvenient...

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