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Counseling is the process that occurs when a client and a counselor set a side time in order to explore difficulties which may include the stressful or emotional feelings of the client. Also in this process there are various steps which enable me counselor to achieve a positive outcome.
When personal conflict leads to frustration and loss of efficiency, counseling may prove to be a helpful antidote. Although few organizations can afford the luxury of having professional counselors on the staff, given some training, managers may be able to perform this function. Nondirective counseling, or "listening with ...view middle of the document...

This can have a great affect on the therapeutic relationship. For instance, the therapist may have a facial feature that reminds the client of their parent. Because of this association, if the client has significant negative/positive feelings toward their parent, they may project these feelings onto the therapist. This can affect the therapeutic relationship in a few ways. For example, if the client has a very strong bond with their parent, they may see the therapist as a father/mother figure and have a strong connection with their therapist. This can be problematic because as a therapist, it is not ethical to have a more than "professional" relationship with a client. It can also be a good thing, because the client may open up greatly to the therapist. In another way, if the client has a very negative relationship with their parent, the client may feel negative feelings toward the therapist. This can then affect the therapeutic relationship as well. For example, the client may have trouble opening up to the therapist because he/she lacks trust in their parent (projecting these feelings of distrust onto the therapist).
Another theory about the function of the counseling relationship is known as the secure-base hypothesis, which is related to attachment theory. This hypothesis proposes that the counselor acts as a secure-base from which clients can explore and then check in with. Secure attachment to one's counselor and secure attachment in general have been found to be related to client exploration. Insecure attachment styles have been found to be related to less session depth than securely attached clients.
During counseling session the counselor has to re-assure his/her client by either telling him/her that eventually will be ok despite of having problems and stress for instance a client may be suffering from traumatized incidents that he/she will never forget. In this case the counselor has to re-assure the client fully and life to continue. The counselor has to be a calming influence to achieve his goal. A counselor has also to minimize feelings of insecurity and provide accurate information as a counselor he/she has refer to appropriate service.
In counseling session, a counselor has to stabilize in that he/she helps a client understand their own reaction either positively or negatively. During counseling a counselor has to recognize how the client is behaving either by seeing the signs of severe distress. And if the distress of your client persists without seeing or getting improvement you have to refer to specialist if necessary. A counselor has to address needs and concern by gathering accurate information he has also to clarify the clients concerns and also to listen to his/her client want he want and want he/she does want.
The counselor has to formulate possible solutions to problems by either reasoning up positively or negatively. Having solutions that can bear fruits, which can reduce the level of stress. A counselor has also...

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