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Security In The Public Services Essay

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Security assignment
Task 1 (P1)
The main threats to police officers (people) include: assault, threatening behaviour (such as verbal abuse), theft, robbery (theft with threat of violence) and fraud (such as stealing an officers warrant card). Threats to property such as the police cars and equipment are: theft, arson (purposely damaging property with fire) , commercial sabotage (damage or vandalism which disrupts normal flow of the business) , product tampering (sabotaging equipment still in the assembly line) for example placing recording devices on police radios in order to listen in on police communications, and fraud. The threats towards premises such as the police station and homes are arson, terrorism for example bomb threats/attacks, vandalism such as smashing windows or spray painting walls or signs, theft and robbery.
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And finally the consequences that occur from the threat to premises of the police force (the police station) include loss of trust in the community; some locals may believe that if the police can't protect the police station from vandalism, arson or even terrorist threats, how are they able to protect their homes in the local community. Another consequence can also include loss of life with regards to arson or terrorist attacks.

Assault is probably one of the most common threats that police officers can face on a day to day basis, victims can be seriously hurt or even in some cases killed. There are many measures put in place to protect officers when in public; like patrolling in pairs, stab-proof vests, unarmed combat training as well as various tools/weapons on their person, for example pepper spray or a truncheon, and recently some officers have been allowed to carry tasers with them. In the UK officers are not allowed to submit the attacker with any unnecessary force, their main priority when confronted is to disarm (if the attacker is carrying a weapon) and restrain with minimal force, however sometimes this may not be enough to detain an attacker, if for example they are especially violent or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, this may cause them to attack the officer with more force, and inflict more injury. I believe officers, in the correct situations, should not be punished as harshly if they were to use more force on their attackers than is deemed completely necessary; in order to protect themselves and others around them. Or in turn; a less strict firearms policy could be enforced to the police, which would allow patrolling officer to carry a small personal firearm (assuming they had been passed in a firearms safety course and are mentally sound. I believe this would allow officers to feel safer when patrolling streets especially in notoriously dangerous areas, making them feel safer so they can carry out their tasks more effectivly.

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