Security Goals And Objectives Essay

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Goals and Objectives of a Security Organization
SEC 310
17 November 2013

Goals and Objectives of a Security Organization
This paper will focus on major topics of a successful security organization. The first topic to be addressed is how each organization, both within industry or within the governmental realm must ascertain their goals and recognize the consequences of failing to achieve their objectives. This paper on will focus on business and in government operations. In either environment, goals and directives are critical to the success of the organization in itself. Second, this paper will touch upon some of the legal aspects which may arise during their course of duty. Third, ...view middle of the document...

Security certifications are one way a security professional can acquire appropriate training and expertise in all areas of the security field. Goodchild (n.d.) states “Certifications provide a way to expand and/or demonstrate professional expertise” (The Security Certification Directory).
A wide variety of certifications are available in security and related disciplines which allows the security professional the ability to gain the expertise in his or her, security related field. Some types of certifications include fraud certifications, disaster recovery, physical security and loss prevention (Goodchild n.d.). Security personnel with valid certifications gain the expertise to help the organization protect all assets. Education is the key to avoid potential legal issues as well.
Security professionals must always be aware of, and understand the legal aspects of their chosen profession. In government, unlawful behavior either by intent or unintentionally could result on lengthy prison terms for persons involved, depending on the severity of the violation. In industry, most common it results in civil cases. Successful security professionals must familiarize themselves with all legal aspects of their chosen profession. One law in particular that is applicable to almost all security professionals is the Tort Law. Ortmeier (2013) stated, “A tort is a civil, rather than criminal, wrong for which the law provides a remedy. Unlike a crime, which is a public wrong against society, a tort is a private wrong committed against a person or property, excluding breach of contract”. An example of a violation of the Tort law would include the unlawful detainment of someone without valid proof of...

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