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Security From Social Media Essay

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Security from Social Media

Shakion Melton

COMM/215 » Essentials of College Writing
March 23, 2015

Julie McCabe

Security from Social Media

Even though social media helps service members communicate with their families and stay in contact with current events, social media should be banned from all phases of the military because enemies of the military are using social media to target service members and service members themselves could unwittingly post sensitive information for everyone to see.
The Enemy is using Social Media against Us
Just this past Saturday, “a previously unknown group calling itself the Islamic State Hacking Organization posted the names, ...view middle of the document...

In one instance, a Soldier from the Army National Guard took a picture of herself in the Arms Room with all of the weapons in the background. Then posted it on her Facebook timeline stating that she was inventorying weapons in Brooklyn (New York) that weekend. This simple upload not only showed that the facility contained armament, but also narrowed down the location of the facility. An issue like this is benign in its intent, but those that wish to do this country harm could use a posting like that to plan unspeakable danger.
Social Media has its Advantages
Now more than ever, the military is using social media to its advantage. All branches of the military have their own Facebook page. According to the article Social Media and Military Families: A Perspective by Matthews-Juarez, Juarez, and Faulkner (2013),
“Admiral Mike Mullen, serving as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was an avid Twitter user with more than 16,000 followers. In 2011, the website was designed for military personnel by military personnel. And like all civilians, social media provides the opportunity for service members to speak freely about their lives and interests.”
While the basic guidelines of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) states that “commenting, posting, or linking to material that violates the UCMJ or basic rules is prohibited” (Matthews-Juarez et al. 2013), service members make mistakes.
It should also be noted that social media provides much needed communication with families and allows service members to stay current with world events. While this is a true statement, social media is not the only way. Service members can use the internet to read current events directly from news websites. Families can still use emails and encrypted chat rooms, which every branch in the military provides, to communicate. Social media is an open-sourced platform...

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