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Security For Web Applications Essay

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SEP4, 2015

Cyber Attack:
The attempt of breaching the security layers of an organization or a system by disrupting the network and there by accessing, stealing, modifying or destroying the valuable data and using the data for fraudulent purposes, causing a loss to the organization is called a Cyber Attack

The idea of cyber attacks began at the earlier development of World Wide Web (www) in this stage there was not much harm to the organization but as there was advancement in technology the number of hackers increased day by day and also the effectiveness of the hacking technology has ...view middle of the document...

The Hackers broke into their database and had stolen the login accounts of company’s senior employees who have access to customer’s ‘accounts. They stole the customer’s names, encrypted passwords, email-ids, phone numbers, birthday dates and also the security questions. Nearly 145 million users are requested to change their passwords by EBAY. This is biggest cyber-attack that eBay has ever faced losing all the valuable information of customers. Though the Company didn’t conform who is behind this attack, the Syrian Electronic Army claimed the responsibility.

Cyber-Attack on Social Networking Sites
In recent years, the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have faced many cyber-attacks, losing a lot of user information. In 2013, Facebook has faced a security breach where 318,000 user accounts have been prone to cyber-attack. This happened due to the use of malicious key logger software called Pony. When the user goes to a particular website then the key logger software gets activated and the keystrokes of the user gets recorded and thereby getting the login information. Trust wave a privately held information security company that provides on demand security, found that the Facebook passwords are collected from October 21st and the key loggers are still active on some websites. The people behind these attacks are not found and the information collected is not made public.
Twitter also been to the prone to cyber-attack. It has lost the information of 250000 people, their usernames and passwords, after which it discovered that their site is prone to attack. Twitter’s director of information security, Bob Lord said that the Hackers are very proficient and the same thing happened many other organizations like them.
Many other sites like Adobe have also became of cyber-attack where it lost the information of 38 million users and the information is made online by placing the information in a zip file which can be downloaded by any other user. Along with this it also lost the source code of other adobe products.
Cyber-attack on Sony

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