Security, Confidentiality And International Issues In Real Estate

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All businesses have to guarantee some sort of security and confidentiality to their clients as well as for their staff. E-Business security and confidentiality mean more than if the business was in a brick and mortar building. There needs to be secure websites for the client to transmit information to the business and the client needs to feel confident that the business will not sell their confidential information or lose it somewhere in their database. When dealing with real estate there are also legal and regulatory issues to deal with when dealing with the public in person and over the internet. This paper is going to look at security, confidentiality and international issues with real ...view middle of the document...

Legal issues which real estate companies face the most are civil lawsuits from unsatisfied clients.Re/Max, Coldwell Banker and Century 21, like other real estate company, encourage their agents to disclose all pertinent and non pertinent information to the clients they are serving. Some franchises hire office personnel who will oversee and ensure the proper disclosure of information in order to safeguard the office. The fact that for Century 21 and Re/Max are independently owned and operated franchised broker offices do not have a uniform procedure on disclosing information through out the franchises to prevent lawsuits. Each office may have different methods of protecting themselves from lawsuits there certainly needs to be policy and procedures set to prevent unneeded lawsuits.EthicalEthics is how people deal with a situation and how they handle it. Ethics in the business world is important along with integrity. Without ethics and integrity a business can fail due to lack of customer confidence. Ethics are also known as a Code of Conduct. The National Association of Realtors has a Code of Conduct that all Realtors need to abide, either if they are working with a perspective client either in person or over the internet. The Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of Realtors is amended every year at the annual convention for Realtors.Code of Ethics covers:•Representation, avoidance•Exaggerating or concealing facts•Cooperation with other brokers•Realtors do not represent themselves or immediate family•Not undertake or provide any professional services concerning a property•Not accept any commission, rebate or profit or expenditures made for a client•Not be compensated more than once for a sale or purchase•All contracts or agreements are given to all interested parties•Do not discriminate•Be honest and truthful in real estate communications and transactions•Do not make false or misleading statements aboutThe Century 21 website is very clear that they want potential clients who are checking out information on the website know exactly where they stand on ethics. Their ethics are not written anywhere on the website but obviously it can be seen on how they display the fair housing act anyone can look up a property or look at properties without even being registered with their website. Century 21 also makes it easy for anyone who is looking for an agent to find one, and offering their own mortgage company information on the web site does allow the client to do more than just look for a home. The site is easily navigated and user friendly with links to almost anything a potential client would like to know.The Re/Max web site has a different set up and does not disclaim the fair housing act on every page of their web site. The website does have some nice features on looking up residential and commercial properties. There is also a notification on the Re/Max site that...

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