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Security Assessment Essay

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The residence that will be assessed for security vulnerability is located in Rancocas, New Jersey. The house is situated in a small historic town that is completely encircled with trees. There are currently 125 houses in the community with no prospects for future development. The youngest house within the small town is 135 years old with the oldest being 165 years old. The residence that is being assessed is approximately 2000 square feet and is partnered with a 500 square foot detached garage and a 250 square foot storage building.
Dwelling Description:
The main house has three points of entry including the front entrance, a side entrance, and a basement entrance. The front ...view middle of the document...

An additional vulnerability is the basement door, which is located at the rear of property. The door has low visibility from the street and neighbors which may be inviting to a criminal. According to the Washington Post (2008), “four percent of all burglaries occur by a criminal entering the basement”. Windows pose the largest threat of all access points. At the front of the house, the windows on the first floor are only four feet from the ground. The sun porch affixed to the front of the house has eight windows that are low to the ground that could be easily accessed if mistakenly left unlocked. At the rear of the house, there are seven windows that are low to the ground. Three of the windows are hidden from passerbies and are extremely easy to access. At the rear of the residence, there is a section of house with a low roof line that could be accessed by climbing upon the fence and then maneuvering onto the roof. Once upon the roof, there are two windows that could be accessed with low visibility from the street or neighbors.
From a communication perspective, all of the incoming and outgoing lines are easily accessible by the average person. Anyone could shut the communication methods down with any type of cutting tool. From a lighting perspective, the front and east side of the residence is well lit. The south and west side of the residence has minimal lighting after sunset and could pose a threat.
Garage Description:
The garage is 500 square foot structure that is situated on the southwest side of the main residence. The garage has two points of entry including the main garage door and a side man entrance. There are no...

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