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Security And Loss Essay

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Joseph Wellington a certified fraud examiner has requested help in reviewing cases that involve identity theft of University Professors. A Certified fraud examiner is one that investigates possible illegal activity. He or She will review and analyze documentation and interviews of suspects and help to work out the facts and details of a fraud claim. Along with this they will help to set up training and guidelines for employers and employees to prevent fraud. They receive their training and certification by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. This is one of the largest organizations that is anti-fraud and provides education. (ACFE Association of Certified Examiners, 2013) Identity ...view middle of the document...

During this stage we are trying to identify what conditions were there and how they were used in the fraud event. Who, what, when, where and why will provide us with a step by step plan that we need to gather the data we need to know and lead us to a suspect or suspects. By understanding and analyzing how the data was retrieved we can help the university and the professor to know what they should implement and eliminate in order to protect them from the theft of property or data. This will provide them with a program of identifying and isolating any element that could be easily obtained and used illegally. Donald R. Cressey was an American criminologist that presented the Fraud Triangle, which shows three elements present that will cause an ordinary person to commit an act of fraud. Opportunity, Motivation and Rationalization. Each will have their own reason for the fraud either they will feel pressured because of financial or political reasons or they will be seeking revenge for a perceived injustice they feel was committed and some just because they can. (The Fraud Triangle, 2013)
I do not believe that we can totally stop identity theft but there are ways to protect yourself and make it harder for them to gain...

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