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Security And Ict Essay

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1. Today, it’s expected that organizations accept electronic payments, variant e-payment systems are credit card, debit card, digital money, micro-payment, etc.. It’s more than expected that those payments are secure. The highest priority of an organization is to ensure privacy, authentication, integrity, and non-repudiation for electronic payment users. Electronic payments are going through a network, so it runs risk. The secure electronic payment may choose one of the following payment channels; TCP/IP channel over the Internet; A WAP channel over cellular network; etc.. There is a special security problem with gateways in the situation of electronic payment over the internet or cellular ...view middle of the document...

Once a person has been authenticated, the authorization process begins. Authorization is usually determined by comparing information about the person with access control information. It is necessary to know that the user is authorized to do something. c) Integrity is the ability to prevent data from being altered, destroyed or intercepted in an unauthorized or accidental manner. The risk of intercepting data of e-payments have to be reduced. The both end of a transaction must be assured that the data connected with it can not be altered without detection. Lack of integrity can cause problems for example, if a customer places an order, and someone can access the system as the customer, they may be able to alter the contents of the order placed. Digital Signatures and hash algorithms are mechanisms used to provide data integrity. d) Non-Repudiation is the ability to ensure that neither side in a transaction can later claim that they for instance didn’t order something using a credit card or didn’t accept an order or offer for something. If there is no security services for non-repudiation either side can back out of a transaction by claiming it never took place. If this happens infrequently, it may not significantly harm, however, on a large scale this can be devastating.
2. TLS is a connection-oriented protocol that provides a secure channel between a client and a server. TLS supports confidentiality, data integrity, and client/server authentication. In the following example scenarios TLS is required in an electronic payments system. For example e-shop simply doesn’t use TLS for all pages that require authentication. An outsider simply monitors through open wireless, and observes an authenticated victim’s session cookie. The outsider can alter this cookie and takes over the user’s session. Another example where TLS is required is for example is by purchasing a book and put them in the shopping cart. Finally to invoke...

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