Securing And Protecting Information Essay

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CMGT 400 Week 3 Securing and Protecting Information

Security Authentication Process
It is necessary to secure your authentication method to safeguard your system against varied forms of security threats, like brute-force or wordbook attacks, impersonation of users, and reply attacks. Additionally, if you share resources on your network with alternative organizations, you need to make sure that your authentication policies are interchangeable with the organization in which you are exchanging your information with.
Authentication is the method in which a person must prove that they are who they say they are. Public and private networks, utilize authorized logins and passwords. Data is ran ...view middle of the document...

Security is especially necessary in applications that require systems in a company to be streamlined. Integration services might lead to security breaches because of the integrated systems and the holes that may exist. To try to alleviate this from occurring, data security should be integrated into the SDLC from its beginning phase. This focuses on the knowledge security parts of the SDLC. First, an outline of the key security roles and responsibilities should be addressed to insure that everyone involved knows what is expected. Second, ample data concerning the SDLC is provided to permit someone who is unacquainted with the SDLC method to grasp the connection between data security and also the SDLC. Several ways exist that may be employed by a corporation to effectively develop A data system. A conventional SDLC is known as a linear sequent model. This model assumes that the systems are going to be delivered close to the top of its life cycle. Another SDLC technique uses the prototyping model that is commonly accustomed to development and understanding of a system’s needs while not really developing a final operational system. Complicated systems need additional constant development models.
Information system policies address security threats that may be harmful to a company. Sadly, there is no way to alleviate the numerous amounts of threats that haunt networks and computers worldwide. The foundation and framework for choosing and implementing countermeasures against them are very important. A written policy helps to insure that everyone within the organization understands and behaves in an appropriate manner with regards to the sensitive data that the security software should keep safe. When a security policy is developed, it should be well defined and the items on it should be clear to understand and the objectives should be well defined so that there would be no confusion. Conversely, a data system with security policies is probably going to have an assortment of countermeasures that address a range of threats. Policies, standards, guidelines, and coaching materials that are known to be obsolete and not enforced could be dangerous to a corporation due to the data being outdated. As a result, management is deceived into thinking that security policies do exist within the organization when actually that is not the case. Old outdated countermeasures does not do your organization any good because without the appropriate patches in place, the organization’s network could have holes which would leave them vulnerable. All organizations have to be compelled to actively put their security systems to the test. They could even go as far as hiring an outside firm to ping the system to see if any holes appear that could leave the company’s system vulnerable.
Preventative Roles and Measures
Data security should be a crucial space of concern for small business owners. Knowing security compliance is no longer merely a time unit or finance concern. As...

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