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Secrets Essay

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What is a secret? A secret is something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others. Secrets can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing. Secrets should only be confided in someone you know and can trust.The secret I had , had the biggest impact on my life . It almost killed me.
It was a cold rainy Friday night and all my friends were over. It was my famous sleepover that i had every three months . Everyone knows what goes on at sleepovers. We talk about boys , we share secrets , and watch scary movies! First we watch a couple of scary movies. Then we talked about boys and who we had crushes on . Finally it was time to share secrets! That was best part of the ...view middle of the document...

I had a very dull and nonchalant face. I know its wrong to lie to the police but i had to keep the Crystal told me. She confided in me and i couldn't break her trust no matter what even if it killed me .
I could tell that the officer didn't believe me . Maybe it was the guilt look in my face or maybe it was the way hand was shaking . Police officers always make me nervous . I was just ready for him to leave. As he was walking out my house he assured me that he was going to find out the truth. Soon as he left i rushed to the phone and called Crystal. I was so nervous my fingers couldn't even dial her number. Finally she answered the phone and i told her what happened. I told her that i didn't say anything but you could tell that he was looking for clues. She told me that was nothing to worry about there was no evidence that led to her. After our conversation i felt relieved and i didn't have to worry .
Later that night Crystal called me and she sounded very disturbed. She told me that the officer that came to my house wasn't a real policemen. She told me that i wasn't safe in my house and i should find somewhere else to stay tonight. I was terrified and very confused. Who was this man? Why was he asking me questions? Where was i going to go? All these questions ran through my head and i...

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