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Secret History Of The Mongols Essay

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Epic Hero
The Hero of the epic would definitely be Chingis Khan aka Genghis Khan because he was the one who united all of the nomadic tribes into the great Mongol Empire. However, he did it with great cunningness and cleverness by betraying his close enemies and manipulating his friends. Since Temujin was his birth given name Genghis Khan (universal ruler) would be his greatest epithet along with many other titles as he conquered other enemy tribes. He embodies Mongolian cultural values such as extreme loyalty to one’s family. For example his main priority is his family’s well being just like when he announces Ogodei as his successor for when he dies. In addition, he is extremely strong, courageous, and unmerciful when facing enemy tribes during battles. He would executed all the male captives and give the women and children to the nobility as slaves and servants.

Sensational Descriptions
“When Temujin came back to the camp he ordered that the ...view middle of the document...

For example when Genghis and Jamugha teamed up to rescue his stolen wife from the Merkid clan showed the bond between the two of them.
• Role of Women- seen as prized possessions since polygamy was popular with the Mongols. Having more than one wife was a sign of wealth and political power. This is why wife-stealing became one of the primary reasons for war between neighboring tribes. However, they can take leadership roles if the husband or sons weren’t obvious leaders. In addition, they were the voice of wisdom and reason to their husbands. Whenever a Mongolian man showed undesired qualities or intentions, the women would lecture them into changing their decision and even their character.
The beginning of the epic starts with every ancestor leading up to the descendants of the Mongol tribes. It traces the lineage of ancestor beginning with the five sons of Alan the Fair and ends with the birth of the future ruler Genghis Khan. Also whenever Genghis Khan would reward a fellow friend he would always recite every good deed they have ever done for him as a method of appreciation. These catalogs usually tend to be long and tedious read.

Epic Hero vs Modern Hero
Genghis Khan didn’t show perfect qualities of a hero because of his mischievous mind when planning to betray his friends or enemies. He wasn’t merciful when it came to releasing prisoners instead he would execute them as sacrifice to the mountains. A modern hero would try to keep everything at peace and prevent any individual from conquering another. For example, Superman prevents criminals from stealing from others in order to encourage fairness and justice. Genghis Khan follows the rule of revenge and hunger for power by any means possible.

Favorite Passage
‘During the fighting Genghis Khan was hit in the neck vein by an arrow, and unable to stop the bleeding, he began to lose strength. Jelme watched over him, sucking and sucking the blood from his wound until his mouth and chin were stained with his king’s blood. He did this til midnight.’
I enjoyed it because it surprise me that a servant like jelme was so loyal to Genghis even though he was taken in as a prisoner of war. You can immediately conclude that Genghis was a powerful and respected leader to many tribes and nomads.

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