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Secrecy Can Make Life Mysterious And Marvellous

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Modern technology floods us with information and enables us to exchange details and ideas at top speed. Nowadays not only celebrities’ lives are put on view, but ordinary, everyday people who seem to go around unnoticed are out in the open, some people on their own initiative and others without being asked. Personal information such as name, age and preferences, intimate details and whereabouts come with photos. The information is later front page news on community sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Though these sites may be of common interest, they deter the one thing which makes life liveable, confidentiality. What has become of privacy and private life? I dare say a bit more secrecy will make life curious and ethereal.

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Furthermore, privacy attracts attention and enables persons to bloom over and over again. Secrecy may also be seen as a gift from God which enables the incorporation of pleasure and romance to life in this contemporary world.

Though community sites encourage users to share their lives without limitation, it is the ones who keep what’s what under their hats who attract attention. Secrecy is a feature some despise and other desire, whichever pole one chooses it is a quality easily lost and difficult to get back. If properly maintained, secrecy offers the advantage of reproducing the be-all and end-all of life numerous times. To hide a secret allows a mysterious personality and thus, enables to have something up your sleeve to be revealed at a suitable time. All in all, secrecy makes life mystic and splendid.

Secrecy is a gift from God which allows human beings to keep fiends and foes on suspense. Secrecy kept may spice life up as it adds a sense of mystery. Hidden information revealed in a tactful way adds a romantic intrigue which culminates in life being more exciting. Secrecy has many advantages, for when, as Oscar Wild said, “you tell someone the purpose of any object right away, they often think there is nothing to it”. Therefore, secrecy makes life mysterious and spectacular.

Although secrecy is often controversial and taught by many to be avoided, I believe secrecy makes life worth living. Life easily turns plain and dull when it’s laid on display as if it was worth nothing. Keeping a secret creates mystery and adds a sense of romance to life. Secrecy makes even casual things as refreshing as if they were the flowers of life. To conclude I choose to quote Oscar Wilde, “a bit of secrecy is what makes life worth living”.

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