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Second World War Essay

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The first text by Sarah Palin named “Why They Serve” a text from 2010, it tells about why Sarah thinks you need to serve in the army. Sarah’s son has just been enlisted in the army, and she therefor has a very personal view on the subject. Thirteen days earlier she had been chosen by John McCain, to be a vice-presidential running mate and should give a speech.
At first she points out what all the soldiers are fighting for is America, and to defend the citizens. She focuses on her sons reasons to pick the army instead of an education. He has small children and has always felt that he needed to protect them, and when he got the chance he took it. And not only could he protect his ...view middle of the document...

The text then continues describing different ways of tackling the time when they get home from the war, and how the different persons are felling about the war before they take off, and when they are home again. The text has a very negative view of the war, and enlightens you of all the bad things that could happen if you join the war.
The last text is focusing on the teamwork and the friendship during the war and how they all stick together as one big team. Lieutenant Fick is the author if One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer. His reasons to join the war, was not to defend the country or its idea. It was in a search of adventure as he says. He knew that there was nowhere else, that you could experience this kind of extreme journey, which you could die in, but also be a stronger and more capable. Afterwards he did not regret. All the good things he experienced in the war counterbalanced to bad things.

Nor the name of Sarah Palin text says “Why They Serve” it does only give a few examples of why they do. Sarah Palin is a vise-president and therefore is applied to support the war in Iraq. She talks to the people, which is constantly about defending their country and the American Idea:
“…to risk their lives to defend it…” (p.2 l.13)

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