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(this task is for the course
Introduction to Financial Accounting (11th Edition) by Charles T. Horngren (Author), Gary L. Sundem (Author))

Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper.

Designate how each transaction would be reported on the statement of cash flows using OP for operating activities, IN for investing activities, FI for financing activities, I for an inflow of cash and O for an outflow of cash. If the transaction is included only in a supplemental schedule, denote this as SS.
Section Inflow or Outflow
1. Paid cash dividends ________ ________
2. Purchased 6 months of insurance in advance ________ ________
3. Sold inventory ...view middle of the document...

Omit supporting schedules.

In 2012, Jaycox Custom Bikes had net income of $575,000. Jaycox also recorded $215,000 in depreciation. The company also had the following changes in its balance sheet accounts.
Accounts Receivable $26,000 increase
Inventories 11,000 decrease
Accounts Payable 19,000 decrease

Compute the net cash provided by operating activities using the indirect method.

Our House is a manufacturer of furniture. On June 16, 20X9, Our House received an order from Old Fashioned, Inc., for 15 living room sets at $1,500 per set. The furniture was delivered by Our House to Old Fashioned, Inc., on June 30, 20X9, at which time Our House billed Old Fashioned under the terms 2/30, n/60. Old Fashioned, Inc., paid Our House on July 25. Assume Our House uses a periodic inventory system.
Prepare the appropriate journal entries for Our House as of the following dates:
a. June 16
b. June 30
c. July 25

Corbin Catering prepares monthly bank reconciliations of its checking account balance. The bank statement received by Corbin Catering for February 20X9 follows:

Corbin Catering First Fifth Bank
54 Windsong Drive PO Box 22


Credit Debit
Balance, February 1, 20X9 $ 29,500
Interest earned $100
Service charge $40
Account collected on behalf of Corbin 1,600
#310 120
#312 260
#313 180
#314 215
#316 80
#317 110
February 15, 20X9 5,000

Ending Balance $ 35,195
Corbin Catering's books disclosed the following additional information:
Checking account balance, February 1, 20X9 $ 29,500
Checks written:
#310 $120
#311 40
#312 260
#313 180
#314 215
#315 200
#316 80
#317 110
February 15, 20X9 $5,000
February 28, 20X9 2,500

Ending balance $35,795
Prepare a bank reconciliation for Corbin Catering at February 28, 20X9.

For each of the following items, identify whether they are a tangible or intangible asset. In addition, if the asset is long-lived, identify whether it is depreciated, amortized, or depleted. If the asset is not a long-lived asset, identify it as a current asset.

Tangible/ Depreciated/
Intangible /Current Amortized/Depleted
1) Natural gas reserves __________________ __________________
2) Warehouse forklift __________________ __________________
3) Computers held for resale __________________ __________________
4) Copyrights __________________ __________________
5) Land __________________ __________________
6) Delivery truck ...

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