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Second Life Case Study

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Second Life Case Study
Currently, millions of players are already living in the world of Second Life. The social aspect is predominant in this game. Unlike other massively multiplayer games, there is no quests, no fighting against the environment. Fighting between players are allowed in certain areas, but are not mandatory for progress in the game. The transition to a free model (pay-option still exists) has greatly contributed to the popularity of Second Life, but it was mainly certain peculiarities of the game that explain its current success.
Notably, the total freedom given to residents of Second Life. Indeed, almost all of the virtual world is directly produced by the players, and they are the ones that change their own world. Second Life is also known for its economy: the lack of ...view middle of the document...

Some will be attracted by the infinite possibilities in terms of role-playing. Others by social interactions enabled by a world already involves more than 9 million people. More by greed or seeking a showcase to promote their creations.
The model of Second Life do create interest for economic actors. If companies invest in this new space, it is because Second Life is a laboratory for their products and an opportunity to create a new type of relationship with their customers. This website is an unspoiled playground that allows brands to launch a marketing alternative. The first mark on Second Life was "American Apparel", then followed by many others (Toyota, Dell, etc…). The resident represented by his avatar is a consumer as another, even larger than life as it expresses all his imagination. The resident is an area with high potential test for brands in that users can participate live in the creative process. Trademarks can be tested for a small fee for new concepts or products.
Also, from the Marketing view; Second Life attracts many investors because it offers many opportunities, whether in commercial, community or social. This metaverse is as a genuine tool for test marketing. The mix of Internet and freedom of expression within this community support the creation of consumer research. Indeed, this panel avatars can meet the challenges of brands wishing to relocate or expand offer on Second Life in early days, then in real life. It offers the ability to evaluate innovations based on marketing studies from qualitative interviews with individual product tests, through quantitative surveys.

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