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Second Life Essay

709 words - 3 pages

1-what problems can Second Life help businesses solve?
• Participants can interact with each other, so they are able to explore, socialize, collaborate, create, participate in activities, and purchase goods and services.
• Second Life will be the beginning for new industries, transform business, commerce, marketing, and learning.
• People from different places can interact with each other. In other words, Second life allows virtual meetings. This can reduce travel costs and be good way for marketing.
• Companies can hold functions in its virtual space that were traditionally hosted in real world spaces.
• It’s important tool for marketing since it attract viewers who have forsaken ...view middle of the document...

3- Visit eBay on the Web and see what Second Life items you can find listed for auction. How would you rate the activity surrounding these items? Are you surprised by what you see? Why or why not?
I found 378 items related to second life. It includes many categories such as clothing, books, art, collectibles, and DVDs and movies. Each category has its sub category with its specific number of items. I went through some items and noticed a huge number of feedbacks, and the rating was between 98% and 99% which means the activity level surrounding these items is very high. In fact, I was so surprised because I didn’t expect this huge number of customers.
4- How important is interoperability between 3D worlds such as Second Life and other Web sites such as Amazon, MySpace, and YouTube? Do you think that Second Life can survive and prosper on its own? What is the future of these entities? Separate or integrated?
Since the other sites are very popular, the interoperability between 3D worlds and other sites will be very important because people prefer to use sites with similar software and require similar skills. Therefore, in...

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