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Second Language Acquisiton Essay

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Target Level: This assessment tool is designed for grade 8 advanced level students. Their language and literacy skills are proficient for their grade level and the level of engagement for reading is also excellent.
Nature of Assessment: Formative assessment
Target Skills: making inferences, drawing conclusions, analyzing, organizing paragraphs, synthesizing
Time Frame: 60 minutes
Other pertinent information: The assessment tool will be administered individually inside the class. It is a form of formative assessment which gauges the target skills and their level of understanding of the components of a short story. It is also a good instrument to prepare them for the summative test ...view middle of the document...

Their answers will determine whether the assessment objectives have been achieved.Secondly, a response to literature allows the use of authentic texts like a short story which is for me a good resource to formulate questions that would allow students infer, draw conclusions and show other higher order thinking skills.Thirdly, a response to literature elicits critical thinking skills because it allows students deepen their understanding, analyze, interpret, make inferences and draw conclusions. | Direction: Encircle the letter of your answer. 1. Which statement in paragraph 3 shows that Orpheus was greatly affected by the death of Eurydice? a. Birds and beasts sorrowed with him. b. Eurydice had gone. c. Shadows of the sun grew long. d. All day long he mourned. 2. What character of Orpheus is revealed in paragraph 4? a. Greedy b. Impatient c. Self-centered d. Dishonest 3. What element of short story is described in this paragraph?Orpheus, it is said that when he sat down to sing, the trees would crowd around to shade him. The ivy and vine stretched out their tendrils. The very rocks would edge down the mountainside. a. Setting b. Characters c. Characterization d. Point of view 4. Why is paragraph 2 important to the story? a. The theme is described b. The setting is described c. The characters are introduced d. The conflict was introduced 5. What is the climax of the story? a. Eurydice was bitten by the snake b. Orpheus went to the underworld to meet Hades c. Orpheus turned back and lost Eurydice the second time d. Eurydice and Orpheus met and stayed together. 6. Which event describes an internal conflict? a. Eurydice was bitten by a snake b. Eurydice died c. Orpheus was inconsolable over the death of Eurydice d. Orpheus went to the underworld 7. To whom or to what does the underlined word refer in the following paragraph?The pillared hall of Hades opened before the hero’s song. The ranks of long-head heroes who sit at Hades board looked up and turned their eyes away from the pitiless form of Hades and his pale unhappy queen. a. Hades b. Unhappy queen c. Long-head heroes d. Pitiless form 8. What does the story say about the way music connects to people? a. Music can lead us to unfortunate events. b. We can’t leave without music c. Music affects our feelings. d. People have different choices of music. 9. Which of the following is the best summary of the story? a. Orpheus was...

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