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Second Chapter Essay

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Unit 2 Assignment 1: Homework
Learning Objectives and Outcomes
Review documents to discover relevant entities and attributes for database.
Prepare interview questions and follow up.
Prepare questionnaires.
Observe work flow for process and exceptions.
Identify the issues with the current database.
Define and list requirements of a database.
Define business rules of a database.
Define entities and attributes of a database.
Identify candidate keys for entities of a database.

Assignment Requirements
Answer the following True or False questions on the student answer sheet.

Required Resources

Submission Requirements
Submit your written answers to your instructor at ...view middle of the document...


14) Delete permission is the permission to remove records from database tables.f

15) A business rule is a rule that covers how data are acquired, stored or processed.t

16) User access refers to what objects and data in a database a user has permissions to use.t

17) Attributes are general headings and not the data itself.t
18) A candidate key is any attribute or combination of attributes that might make a primary key.t

19) A natural key is a key that consists of one or more attributes that naturally belongs to the entity.f

20) A composite key is a key that consists of a combination of two or more attributes.t

Unit 2 Assignment 1: Student Answer Sheet
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SCHOOL LOCATION: ____________________________
General Instructions:
To answer each question, darken the circle corresponding to your answer using a pencil. If you decide to change your answer, please erase your original answer completely and darken your new answer.

Question No. | True | False |
1 | | |
2 | | |
3 | | |
4 | | |
5 | | |
6 | | |
7 | | |
8 | | |
9 | | |
10 | | |
11 | | |
12 | | |
13 | | |

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