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Sec280 Week 6 Case Study

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In today’s business world it could be a catastrophe if your network was out of commission due to a disaster. Disasters can range from hurricanes to a server failure to a virus that shuts down the network. In order for your business to survive these disasters it is essential to develop process that plan for these situations. No network is full proof that’s why it’s essential to have a plan in case of such a disaster but it’s not just enough to have a plan, you have to practice the plan. You have to have a team of people that practice the processes in order to keep your business up and running.
I. Security Incident Response Team (SIRT)
A. Identify a group of people (about 5-6) that will be essential to bringing the network back online in case of security breaches. This team should have a wide-range of knowledge ...view middle of the document...

This service can usually be done with just a monthly fee and includes automatic backups of your entire network. Tape drives which used to be the best practice for backups but they are expensive to maintain and require a large amount of space to store the data. External hard drives are another option but they were not meant for frequent transportation and constant over writing of data can cause bad sectors which leaves the data unreadable.
B. Hot and cold sites allow for a network to be back up and running in as little as a few hours. Hot sites are a duplicate of the current network so you can just relocate to the new site and continue with normal business operations. A hot site would be beneficial if your network has become inoperable since it is a clone of the current network. A cold site is just an empty designated space; all of the equipment will still need to be installed. Cold sites would be beneficial for natural disasters. If you know a hurricane is coming towards your building and your cold site is several miles inland then you would have enough time to move your equipment and still maintain operations. Drills should be conducted at these sites periodically to confirm that they are operational.
III. Business Continuity
A. Disruption is not an option for most small businesses. While you can’t anticipate when or where a disaster will strike it is important to make contingencies for possible disasters. Network redundancy makes it possible to recover and restore data in case of data loss. Also, having an additional location to use will ensure normal operations will still continue.

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