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Sec 310 Security Manager Role Essay

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Security Manger’s Role
SEC 310

Just as any other role in an organization, you need to set yourself goals and standards for yourself and your company. Without any of these, nothing can get accomplished. If you do not give yourself a bar to reach for, you are basically sitting in a stagnant place. A security manager, just like any other management position has objectives they must complete. Just as the title says, their main goal is to identify what the assets of the organization are and to form and develop a plan that will protect what is most valuable to their organization. Without any of this, their position would be pointless. This position can cover organizations ...view middle of the document...

This becomes harder for larger organizations because there are many employees that you have to coach and counsel in order for them to understand what job they need to do. Within a smaller organization where you are the head of five to ten employees, it is easier to meet with them directly and make changes. Where you have hundreds of employees, it is impossible to always meet with them on a daily basis, so an open line of communication in needed. Again, it cannot be stressed enough on behalf of the manager that structure be put in place in order to mainstream their operation so that they can all work on the same page. Use the help where you can. If you have others that are under you that go above and beyond and do an extraordinary job, promote them to a supervisor and have them assist you in the supervision of all the employees. Eyes of a person with a higher ranking position should always have eyes on others in order to ensure that everyone is on task and not letting their responsibilities go without being attended to. This in general would be an organization structure used to form a chain of command (Ortmeier, P, 2013).
In a larger organizational setting, staff organization is vital. The security manager is responsible for setting up the structure of his work force. Establishing job descriptions and making sure that all of their employees are properly trained is vital. The importance of this is great. What powers do all your officers have? As a security manager, you need to empower your employees so that they feel that they are more than capable of stepping up to the plate and performing at a high level ("Yahoo: Voice", n.d.). 
The security manager’s role is almost vital to a smooth flowing operation for any organization. If there is not any rhyme or reason for what the security department is doing, then there will be gaps in the coverage leaving the organization vulnerable for any sort of an attack. First would be interviewing and hiring a staff that is capable of performing the job that your organization needs you to do in order for them to function at the level they need to be successful. Once your force has been assembled, training would be the next step. Giving them all job descriptions will give them an idea of what they must do to take care of their job the right way (Ortmeier, P, 2013). If your employees do not...

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