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Search Of Status Essay

1279 words - 6 pages

Text: Miller/ Jentz, Business Law Today – The Essentials, softback -9th Ed., West,(2008).

Bulletin Description: Introduction to the role of law and administrative agencies in business transactions; case studies in torts, property, contracts, sales, agency, business organizations, and employment law.

Prerequisites: BIS 101, Tier I Continuing Admission to Professional Business Studies.
Methodology: Lecture, case study analysis, group in-class Assignments. .

Course Objectives:
This course is part of the BSBA degree program to provide students abilities to:
• Demonstrate cognizant skills through case briefs and essays/reports.
• Demonstrate ...view middle of the document...

• Demonstrate a basic understanding of contract formation.
• Demonstrate an understanding of UCC-Sales and Negotiable Instruments.
• Demonstrate a basic understanding of the law of agency.
• Explain types of business organizations: sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited partnership - the taxation and legal liabilities thereof.

• Demonstrate an understanding of employment law - at will doctrine, statutory protections as the Civil Rights Act, Title VII, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act.
• Define what is meant by ‘antitrust law’ and know its purpose.
• Explain the advantages of arbitrating business disagreements in international business relations. .
Course Requirements:

1. Read Assignments prior to class and maintain perfect attendance;
2. Assignments will be posted on Bb for completion prior to class.
3. Complete each class assignment; material and books may be used at exams.
4. Expect respect from instructor and be respectful to all; if you must leave the
classroom during sessions please let the instructor know and sit near the doors.
5. Academic dishonesty is prohibited: see CMU Bulletin, Appendix I & II.
6. Check your CMU ( e-mail and Bb for messages/announcements.

Evaluation: Modified as needed. Total of 200 points will be used for evaluation.
1. Three exams including the Final Exam each worth 25 points for a total of 75 points will be given and may consist of both essay and objective questions;
2. Numerous in class exercises consisting of class participation/questions/quizzes each worth 10 points will be given; the average of all in class activity will be multiplied by 10 for a total value of 100 points; no make-up in class exercises be available but the 3 lowest exercise scores will be dropped;
3. Two projects each worth 12.5 points for a total value of 25 points.
(See tally sheet below for recap of points for evaluation.)
All exams and class exercises are open notes and books; No electronic devices permitted.
(See tally sheet below for recap of points for evaluation.)
Course Schedule/Outline: [subject to modification] selected readings.

Theme I: Weeks 1-4 Overview of The U. S. legal System: Ch. 1 & 3-
Theme II: Weeks 5-6 Injuries to Persons or Businesses: Ch. 4 -
Third party Rights/Protections–Negligence; strict liability- Exam I
Theme III: Weeks 7-8-Contracts/ Agreements between entities:ch.7,8,9,10 Project #1
Theme IV. Weeks 9-10 Property, Real/Personal, Tangible/Intangible: Ch.24,23,5
Exam II
Theme V: Weeks 11-13 Business Law: Ch.19, 20: selected pages.
Forms of Business Organizations; sole proprietorships, partnerships,

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