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Search For Sources Essay

985 words - 4 pages




Week of Assignment



Chart completion and Reflection Paper

Find and review:

Usefulness of each database

Important new sources, scholars, or ideas

Value of searches in inspiring new ideas/ surprises

Answered By,

The chart below was utilized for the initial library search for resources in professional or research interest. There are; three peer-reviewed journal articles, one book chapter, and one scholarly source. Following the chart, is a brief reflection paper on the library search and results.
|Article Citation |Database ...view middle of the document...

Publisher: Defense Acquisition University. | | | | |
|Peer reviewed article: |Database: Business Source |BUSINESS logistics, |Military Logistics, |Fair: Easy to use, need to |
| |Complete |QUALITY of service, |Defense Logistics Agency, |practice on my search limiters. |
|By: Mentzer, John T.; Flint, Daniel J.; Kent, John| |PHYSICAL distribution of goods, | | |
|L. Journal of Business Logistics. 1999, Vol. 20 | |QUALITY control MARKETING | | |
|Issue 1, p9-32. 24p. 1 Diagram, 11 Charts.  | | | | |
|book chapter: |Discovery Database |Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics), |Military Logistics, |Fair: 656 Books. Had to read |
| | |Computer Appl. in Social and Behavioral |Defense Logistics Agency, |abstracts to find (better) key |
|Agent Applications in Defense Logistics: | |Sciences, |Quality Assurance |words and determine applicability|
|By: Walliser, Marius, Brantschen, Stefan, Calisti,| |Computer Science | |of writings. Need to practice |
|Monique, Schinkinger, Stefan, Pěchouček, Michal, | |Computers and Society, | |more. |
|Thompson, Simon G., Voos, Holger, Carrico, Todd, | |Information Systems Applications | | |
|Greaves, Mark. | |(incl.Internet), | | |
|Industry Applications of Autonomous Agents & | |Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems| | |

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