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Search Engine Marketing Campaign Report

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1 Executive Summary32 Campaign Goals43 Campaign Design53a Target Market53b Landing Page53c Ad Copy Design63d Keyword Research & Selection73e Position & Bidding Strategy83f Revision Strategy84 Analysis104a Site Statistics104b Google Reports115 Recommendations145a Potential site design changes145b Findings of Campaign / Optimization146 Appendix161 Executive SummaryThe overall goal of the campaign process is to determine the behaviour and attitude of the target market. We needed to determine what the demand from our target market would be for the inviteRight product. superMeet's target market is business executives who are looking for information on the rental of sports arena luxury ...view middle of the document...

The more extensive the optimization, the higher of a position our ad copies will place, therefore increasing the possibility of our ads being clicked and the user being taken to and further Research and bidding strategies went into the determination and creation of the keyword lists.The campaign was run twice through Google in order to determine areas of improvement for the campaign. After the first run our ad copies were modified and our keywords adjusted according to the results from the report. The adjustments were made in order to increase the position of the ad copies and to increase the number of clicks. The results from the second run showed a substantial increase in results showing that our improvements were successful.The landing page was built based on guidelines for building successful and effective landing pages. Because of this, there are no obvious changes that can be made to the landing page just based on the analysis of the two campaign runs.Findings of the campaign include realizing the importance of keywords and their associated budgets. We realized that certain keywords are very expensive and those with higher budgets may not necessarily be the most relevant to the landing pages. As well, keyword selection and research is critical to the success of search engine marketing.2 Campaign GoalsThe main purpose of the marketing activities was to conduct research on a specific target market for inviteRight. Our group decided to promote corporate meetings that are held in luxury sports suites found in athletic arenas. Our objective was to build a site and market it in order to generate the maximum number of clicks with a budget constraint of $10 per day. The purpose was to determine if there is a demand for the inviteRight product from our target market. If high demand is found as a result, inviteRight could pursue this target market with its website and advertising.The marketing activities can be divided into two main components. The first was to create effective ad groups which would persuade Web surfers to click on them. The ad groups had to appeal to our target market, provide the benefit of clicking, use a call to action, align with the objectives and purpose of our landing page (and and promote a competitive advantage. Our ad copies were designed to attract the attention of our target market: corporations and business executives. Our two ad copies are:Executive Sports SuitesLearn to entertain guests andclients in a luxury box suite.www.inviteRight.comSports Box Seat MeetingsImpress your guests with abox seat view of the game.www.inviteRight.comThe second marketing activity was to create a list of optimal keywords in order to capture key positions from Google searches. Our group compiled a list of popular keywords and phrases which business executives searching on the Web could potentially use to find information on luxury sports suites. These key words were researched using...

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