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Sea Countries Essay

574 words - 3 pages

Southeast Asia Games Market

The World’s Fastest Growing Region

Why focus on
Southeast Asia?
Revenues of the Southeast Asia games
market will double to $2.2 Bn by 2017
Key reasons why Southeast Asia
will be the key battleground for
global players in the game space.
1. World’s Fastest Growing Games

The Big 6
Representing 99% of
Region Revenues

2. Enormous Underlying Online
Connectivity and Economic Growth


3. Already a $Bn Games Market

4. Mobile Games are Dominant



5. Established Western
Distribution Channels


6. High English Language
Source: Newzoo 2014 Southeast Asia Games Market Report


Fastest Growing Games Region
Southeast Asia’s economic growth
prospects, huge ...view middle of the document...


Latin America

From a games market perspective, this
results in significant differences in gamer
demographics, genre preferences and
spending behavior.


Eastern Europe

Southeast Asia

Latin America

Eastern Europe

Southeast Asia

Online Connectivity Growth

Economic Growth (GDP)

Source: Newzoo 2014 Southeast Asia Games Market Report

Game Revenues 2014













KPI Regional Comparisons 2014
Latin America

Eastern Europe

Southeast Asia





Online Population (%)

311,000,000 (50%)

218,000,000 (62%)

188,000,000 (30%)





Game Revenues




CAGR 2013-2017




Source: Newzoo 2014 Southeast Asia Games Market Report
S O U T H E A S T A S I A G A M E S M A R K E T | CA S UA L G A M E S A S S O C I AT I O N   3

Southeast Asia Better Option than China?
Southeast Asia may be easier to enter
than China and has already become a
battleground for global players in the
games space.

Estimated English Speakers


One reason for this is that all countries
in the region are familiar with English
as a language of international business
and popular culture. In Singapore and
Philippines, English is an official
language. In Malaysia, English is an
active second language and other
regions widely use English in business.





Southeast Asia also shares many of the
same preferences for social networks as
the West. As high as 95% of those using
mobile social networks or chat
applications in Vietnam are actively on
Facebook. The lowest percentage of
Facebook users in the region is
Indonesia, and that is still at 78%.
Twitter and Instagram are also utilized
at a good rate in all regions.





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