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Sds Analysis

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Siloso Beach Resort is Singapore’s first eco certified hotel that aims to provide guests with a memorable hospitality serviced as well as prioritizing the preservation of the environment. This report will analyze the service delivery system (SDS) of Siloso Beach Report. In addition, a brief background of the resort will be provided and the identified key features of the SDS will be included. In particular, the scope of this report will discuss about the appropriateness of the current SDS that had been observed in terms of its strengths and weaknesses and also the specified areas for improvement.

Background of Siloso Beach Resort
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Key Features of the SDS
Lovelock, Patterson and Writz stated that service delivery is concerned with where, when and how the service product is delivered to the customer. This system embraces not only the visible elements of the service operating system-physical support and personnel-but may also entail exposure to other customers.

Just like any other hotels, Siloso Beach Resort has similar key features of the service delivery system (SDS). There is a visible element of direct interactions between the service personnel and their customers. Usually services being provided in this type of situation require a high degree of interaction between the service provider and the customer and, therefore might result in establishing a personal relationship between the service provider and the customer. A hospitality service provider like Siloso Beach Resort would have customers of high-contact that would see the ‘factory’ where the work is performed. In other words, most of its SDS elements are front stage, which is visible to the customers. These include the interior and exterior...

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