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Scrum Method Essay

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Iteration Planning
What is it?
The purpose of the iteration planning meeting is for the team to commit to the completion of a set of the highest ranked product backlog  items. This commitment defines the iteration backlog and is based on the team's velocity or capacity and the length of the iteration timebox.
Who does It?
Iteration planning is a collaborative effort involving these roles:
• Scrum master - facilitates the meeting.
• Product owner - represents the detail of the product backlog items and their acceptance criteria.
• Delivery team/agile team - define the tasks and effort necessary to fulfill the commitment.
Preparing for iteration planning
How can a team best prepare for an iteration planning meeting?
Before getting started we need to ensure:
• The items in the ...view middle of the document...

We can further generalize and say that, for the purpose of iteration planning, the important attributes for a product backlog item are:
• It is small enough to be completed in the iteration.
• We can verify it has been implemented correctly.
How to right size backlog items
Product backlog items too large to be completed in an iteration need to be split into smaller pieces. The best way to split product backlog items is by value not by process. If we can split a product backlog item so that its children deliver value, then our iterations incrementally deliver value. If we split by process, then we impact time to market because value is not delivered until all the children are complete. Compound stories can be easily split through disaggregation.
Learn how to split more complex stories.

How to plan based on capacity
Mature teams may use velocity to determine what product backlog items to commit to during the iteration.
New teams may not know their velocity or it may not be stable enough to use as a basis for iteration planning.
An approach for new teams is to make commitments based on the team's capacity.

How to determine capacity
The capacity for the team is derived from three simple measures for each team member:
• Number of ideal hours in the work day.
• Days in the iteration that the person will be available.
• Percentage of time the person will dedicate to this team.
Iteration planning steps
1. The product owner describes the highest ranked product backlog item.
2. The team determines the tasks necessary to complete that product backlog item.
3. Team members volunteer to own the tasks.
4. Task owners estimate the ideal hours they need to finish their task.
5. Planning continues while the team can commit to delivery without exceeding capacity.
If any individual exceeds their capacity during iteration planning then the team collaborates to better distribute the load.

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