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Script Of Com Essay

1826 words - 8 pages

Page 212-218 (2 sources per person)

Intro: Kim, Yan
Relational Transgression: Yan (relational transgression + temptations) and Shey (mate guarding, relational infidelity)
Interpersonal Violence: Rachel (battering) and Nicole (situational couple violence)
Sexual Coercion: John (rape, sexual coercion) and Kim (unwanted sex)
Conclusion: Rachel

Topic: Relationship Threats (challenges that are most likely to negatively impact relationships and have serious effects)
(Kim) Hi everyone. We will start off by introducing ourselves. Today we are going to talk about relationship threats, which are challenges that have negative impacts and serious effects on relationships. Specifically, we ...view middle of the document...

They are enticements such as flirting and mate poaching from third parties that hurt one's current romantic relationship. According to the Journal of Personality & Social Psychology, nearly 70% of people report that someone has tried to poach them.

1. Relational Transgression
1. Relational transgression: takes place when fundamental relationship rules are violated (flirting, wanting to date others, forgetting special occasions, committing infidelity)
1. In romantic relationships, relational transgressions can include flirting, wanting to date others, forgetting special occasions, or committing infidelity
2. Within friendships, transgressions include betraying a confidence, dating a friend's current or ex-romantic partner, deception, and not standing up for a friend
3. According to the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, 70% of people have reported to be poached

2. Relational temptations: enticements such as flirting and mate poaching from third parties that threaten one's current romantic relationship
2. Mate guarding: attempts to protect your partner from falling victim to "poaching" by others
1. Negative reaction: violence, spying, insults
2. Self-promotional reaction: improve one's appearance or display resources

Mate guarding attempts to protect one’s partner from falling into the lust of someone else. In many cases the negative reaction may be violent. According, they did to a modern study, 60% of men and 53% of women reported that they tried to lure someone else's mate into having a committed relationship with them.
Relational infidelity: a severe relational transgression in which one or both partners engage in extra-dyadic behaviors that violate relationship rules of monogamy and exclusivity
3. Emotional infidelity: refers to behaviors such as flirting, dating, spending time together, and falling in love with someone other than one's partner
3. Physical infidelity: sexual activities that are committed with someone other than one's partner and include acts ranging from kissing to sexual intercourse
3. Infidelity arises from boredom, geographical distance, a desire for variety/ experimentation, attraction to another, and revenge
Relational infidelity is basically just cheating on your significant other. The two parts are: emotional infidelity, which consist of flirting, spending time, or falling in love with someone other than your partner and physical infidelity, which ranges from kissing to sexual intercourse with someone else. It usually happens when partners become bored, long distances, or revenge.

Shey introducing the first skit: John and Kim are talking/flirting at a bar in New York
Skit #1
Kim: (coming to John) long time no see

*Yan’’s response*: This shows relational temptation when John is flirting with Kim.

Nicole comes out of bathroom and sees them
Nicole: What...

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