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Scopes Trial


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Scopes Trial

America was just recovering from the after effects of the world war. It was a common trend for people specifically from the rural areas to be nostalgic. Their desire was to maintain simplicity and engage in the normal activities they used to before the war. The religious turned to their religious practices and beliefs. The south and mid westerners are specifically remembered for their strong beliefs. Faith was associated with providing consolation and peace. Consequently, the rise of fundamentalist religion took shape. The fundamentalists relied on the literal aspects of the biblical teachings. The theory of evolution was ...view middle of the document...

Scopes voluntarily incriminated himself. He went an extra mile of recruiting and training his students how they could testify in the favor of the prosecution.

To add on to the popularity of the case, two most prominent lawyers of the time became the legal representatives in the trial. William Jennings who was in his mid sixties represented the prosecution. He was also remembered for being a three-time nominee for presidency through the democratic ticket. On the other hand, Clarence Darrow, who was three years shy off seventy, represented the defense. The prosecution attorney had already declared that the trial entangled between faith and evolution thus, tough. Before the trial even began, Tennessee was flocked with thousands of people, reported likewise. The leading judge on the trial forbade the defense from calling scientists as the witness. The lead attorney on prosecution took the stand on the seventh day. The defense attorney put to task the prosecution attorney. Unexpectedly, the prosecution lead lawyer asserted that the creation...

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