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Scope Of Work: Problem Solving For Technical Proffesional

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Scope of Work |
PCI Redactor |
The Pi PCI redactor. A program that will erase all PCI information from your imaging system. |

I chose to do a project using software development, to create software applications that utilize computer robots to mask sensitive PCI information from images stored in a business imageing system.
All over the country companies are accepting the newly adapted electronical payment method, such as Credit Cards and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer). Usually, their clients complete a credit card form or EFT form, which then contains their personal, sensitive information. The company will store this information in their imaging system, if they ever need to refer back to the form. Due to this, clients personal PCI information is now on display to all the users at the company, and potential hackers.
After completing the fishbone diagram, it doesn’t seem I will encounter ...view middle of the document...

My solution is to keep this form as proof, but remove the information that should not be visible to anyone else, other than the client. This method will also eliminate the need for human interaction of masking the sensitive information. Saving time, money and man power.
I feel a large audience will be affected by this product. Business owners, customers, employees of businesses. Business owners will be affected because they will be in complaince with PCI, and be able to advertise to their clients that they are able to keep their information completley safe. Clients will feel more safe, and the chance of identity theft or account theft will be drasticaly reduced. Employees will feel affected because they wont be required to manually mask information, potentially saving business a lot of money.
I am expecting excellent results from this project. Being able to have an automated system read images to mask sensitive information, without human interaction, is a huge cost savings, and guarenteed accuracy. Not having employees manually mask information will save businesses time and money. Businesses avoid potentially losing credit card numbers or account numbers to undesiarables.

Tasks, Time, and Costs
Task: | Task Owner: | Time to Complete: | Assigned Resources: | Cost: |
Identify Company A's Imaging System Structure | User | 1 Day | User - Meeting with Company A | $0.00 |
Development and integration | User | 92 Days | | $1,100.00 |
Integrate Redaction Rules | User | 9 Days | | $150.00 |
Integrate PDF generation | User | 7 Days | | $150.00 |
Masking library | User | 5 Days | | $150.00 |
Masking process | User | 11 Days | | $200.00 |
Integrate onDemand masking | User | 13 Days | | $150.00 |
Masking Webservice | User | 33 Days | | $500.00 |
Input directory/Output masking (Batch process for items using custom print driver) | User | 11 Days | | $200.00 |
Input database/Output masking to Company A's imaging system (Batch process that will run daily to mask) | User | 11 Days | | $250.00 |
Create input database module | User | 2 Days | | $150.00 |
Installation and Support | User | 1 Days | | $2,000.00 |
| | | Total Cost: | $5,000.00 |

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