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Scope Management Essay

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Project scope is the parameter of the project. It defines what are the deliverables, requirements and expectations for the project and provides a baseline to exclude unrelated works. The project manager’s job is to ensure all necessary works for the project success are included. And this process is referring to as the project scope management.
Project scope management involves six processes, which are planning scope management, collecting requirements, defining scope, creating WBS, validating scope and controlling scope. These six interrelated steps provide an agreement between the stakeholders and project team to clarify expectation and requirements. The six processes also allow the team ...view middle of the document...

The cost of changing the scope or deliverables is higher at the later phase of the project.
3. Defining scope: The step following defining the format and knowing the requirements is to develop a detail plan of what work is required to deliver the project. The team will review the project charter and other related documents to deliver a project scope statement. The project scope statement will provides information such as the product description, detail deliverables and acceptance criteria. This step provides a very clear goal and expectation for the team to know exactly what and how is the project is going to be delivered.
4. Creating WBS: Work breakdown structure divides the required work into smaller units based on the complexity of the project. It provides a blueprint of how the work should be done. Along with the WBS is the WBS dictionary. WBS dictionary provides a detail explanation of each WBS item. It tells the team which organization is responsible, what is the schedule, what are the required resources and what is the estimated cost of the project. WBS defines the exact steps needed to complete the project and further strengthen the baseline of the project to know what work should and should not be included in the project.
5. Validating scope: The project will not be completed without the approval from the stakeholder. After all these works of creating a comprehensive plan and completed deliverables, the team will seek approval from the stakeholder. All documents produced during the project, such as project management plan, scope baseline, change requests, work...

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