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Scoliosis Essay

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Scoliosis |
Dr. Wright Cell Physiology MSC115-71 April 4, 2013 |
Johanna Casanova |

Scoliosis is just one of many problems in the human body that does not discriminate against anyone. This common disorder can develop at the beginning of puberty during childhood stages and can progress to more serious problem as the child grows. According to Medline Plus, scoliosis can be legally defined as being a sideways or lateral or “S” shaped curve of the spine also known as your backbone that is part of the skeletal system whose cause is unknown (Mayo Clinic). It is a spinal disorder that can be affected by any ...view middle of the document...

Al. 10). Scoliosis is essential to the skeletal system. The normal homeostasis of this particular system is that it must be able to produce red blood cells which physiologically help regulate minerals. Calcium, phosphorus, and other types of minerals help in bone building and are stored within the bone marrow where energy is also housed. In homeostasis when blood and calcium level in blood decreases, at an acceptable level, parathyroid glands come in place and respond by releasing hormones which can help in stimulating activities of the osteoclasts. Osteoclasts help in reabsorbing bone matrix that helps to release calcium to the blood stream raising its natural concentration. When levels of calcium are high, C cells of the thyroid gland release calcitonin which inhibits the activity of new bones building (hopper Institute). This helps increase bone density which is the normal way for the system to operate to be able to help in protecting and supporting the weight of an individual human body. Thus how our normal homeostasis of the skeletal system takes place.
Like many other diseases or disorders that invade the human body, scoliosis can affect the homeostasis of more than one organ system which can interrupt the entire homeostasis of the entire body. As I mentioned earlier, scoliosis can bring on complications that can affect the skeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous system. This can disrupt the body’s alignment and result in pain and deformities (Mayo Clinic). If scoliosis is left untreated it can progress and cause severe and complicated issues. This can lead joints between vertebrae to become damaged and become permanently twisted causing other spinal deformities like kyphosis. Kyphosis, just like scoliosis, can be very painful and difficult to manage. Homeostasis of the body can be disrupted from the pressure of the curved spine that can cause ribs to compress on the lungs. Compressed ribs to lungs can lead to circulation of blood and ventilation of the air passageway which would mean that you will have difficult time obtaining oxygen (Mayo Clinic). In this case messages are sent to the brain by nervous, indicating for body to shut down. Oxygen is needed at all times to circulate the blood in the body and release carbon dioxide. An imbalanced homeostasis can also affect thoracic growth and cause psychosocial distress (Larson 392).
Whether a child or an adult, many people affected by scoliosis experience different signs and symptoms. These abnormalities, as I mentioned in the beginning, develop typically during the growth spurt that occurs just prior to puberty. Idiopathic, in adolescents, is the most common type of scoliosis that can become aggressive. Scoliosis can produce a significant amount of problems. Some of these signs include uneven shoulders; with one shoulder blade appearing more prominent then the other, uneven waist and even one hip higher than the other (Mayo Clinic). If left untreated there are several...

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