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Scientific Revolution's Impact On Religion And Philosophy

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Tyler Sanford Pd.4
Ms. George AP European History
Scientific Revolution FRQ
The Scientific Revolution caused religion to come into question, but did not cause a drop in numbers, it also gave reason and evidence to philosophy from 1550-1750. Before the Revolution, it was widely accepted that Ptolemy’s geocentric view was correct and that there was no need for reason or evidence because faith was all that was needed. But now, the first effect that the new facts and ideas of the Revolution had was to cause many to question religion and faith instead of blindly following the church and the Bible. What it did was just mainly to cause people to change their view on God and ...view middle of the document...

It very rarely caused people to totally reject God though.
The impact on religion can also be seen in the works of Newton, and sometimes in the actions of monarchs. Isaac Newton created a set of laws that pertained to gravity which was a totally new idea for Europeans. He also saw God as being a rational God and actually tended to believe that he could explain nature and earthly happenings without religion because God had just set it in motion. Also, certain monarchs such as Catherine the Great of Russia reduced her emphasis on religion and became a patron of the sciences. She even had many of the scientists come to Russia to teach and tutor her personally on things other than religion that was almost unheard of before this era. With all of these developments, also came a list of prohibited books released by the church and the Pope in an attempt to stop the spread of these hethenistic and non-religious views. Although, some people and scientists actually used the new scientific advances to bolster their beliefs and Christianity but mostly separate from the church. The Encyclopedie was also a new source of knowledge at the end of this period which was a sign of arrogance in the attempt itself but also showed a need for a creator to create the intricacies of nature.
Secondly, the impact that the Scientific Revolution had on philosophy was very profound in the turn from superstitions. People such as Francis Bacon who encouraged people to search for their own understanding instead of blindly following the church and the Bible and he encouraged scientists to use evidence to gain knowledge were very influential. Rene Descartes with his newly developed scientific method which relied on deduction rather than observation but was still a shift from just faith and he believed that there was nothing non-material, but all was rational. These new views made it possible to see a shift in society from superstitions such as witch...

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