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Title: Aloe Vera as Bio-Plastic Gauze
Researcher: Ina Marie M. Caristea
Adviser: Mrs. Chevey M. Cortes
School: Tagaytay City Science National High School

The purpose of this study is to produce a biodegradable plastic gauze out of Aloe vera. The researcher will conduct this study to solve the problem of the bulk of non-biodegradable medical waste like gauze in most clinics and medical institutions. The researcher will use Aloe vera as the main material in the production of bio-plastic ...view middle of the document...

This study proved that Aloe Vera is a promising raw material for making bio-plastic gauze.

Experimental design was employed in this study. Several treatments were done applying various amounts of the main material to test its effectiveness which is measured in terms of the physical properties of the product such as clarity, flexibility, durability and texture. Data were gathered from the respondents, were tabulated and interpreted.
The participants in this study were 20 students who tested the effectiveness of Aloe Vera as bio-plastic gauze.
The research instruments used were questionnaire in the gathering of data needed in determining the right raw material that is best in making biodegradable plastic gauze.
The raw materials – Aloe vera juice, glycerine, water were combined and sundried. Three hundred milliliters of Aloe Vera were divided into three, 50 milliliters for trial one, 100 milliliters for trial two, 150 milliliters for trial three. All treatments consisted of 2tbsp of glycerine and 10 milliliters of water. The components for every treatment were mixed, stirred and then poured on the paper wax and then sundried. The mixtures were then analyzed for their physical properties.

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