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Science/ Physic Essay

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DIRECTIONS: Show your work for each of the problems numbered 1-4. Credit will NOT be given to correct answers without the appropriate work shown. Do NOT turn in additional pages, all work to be graded must be on these exam pages. Do NOT detach any of these exam pages. Be sure to clearly indicate your answers by CIRCLING them. Work need not be shown for the multiple choice problems. There is only one correct answer to each multiple choice question. The exam MUST be turned in at the end of the exam period. Late exams will NOT be graded.

1. Two spheres of mass 5 kg and 11 kg undergo an elastic collision as shown in the accompanying diagram.
a) Write an equation for the conservation of momentum for this ...view middle of the document...

Astronomers have accumulated the following data for both Uranus and its moon Oberon.

Radius of Uranus’ orbit about the Sun= 2.87099 x 109 km
Radius of planet Uranus = 25,559 km
Period of Uranus’ orbit about the Sun = 84.01 years

Radius of Oberon orbit about Uranus’= 583,420 km
Radius of moon Oberon = 761.4 km
Period of Oberon orbit about Uranus 13.46324 days

Mass Uranus 8.681 x 1025 kg
Mass Oberon 3.014 x 1021 kg
Mass Sun 1.9891 x 1030kg

Universal Gravitational Constant = 6.67 x 10-11 Nm2/kg2

Using the above data, calculate the acceleration due to gravity while standing on the surface of Oberon. Neglect the gravitational attraction of all other objects.

3. Deiomos is the smallest of the two moons orbiting the planet Mars. Astronomers have accumulated the following data for both Mars and its moon Deimos.

Radius of Mars’ orbit about the Sun= 2.2792 x 1011m
Radius of planet Mars = 3396.2km
Period of Mars’ orbit about the Sun = 686.980 days

Radius of Deiomos orbit about Mars’= 23459 km
Radius of moon Deiomos = 6.10 x 103m
Period of Deiomos orbit about Mars= 1.26244 days

Mass of the Sun = 1.9891 x 1030 kg
Mass of the moon Deimos = 2.40 x 1015kg

Universal Gravitational Constant = 6.67 x 10-11 Nm2/kg2

a) Using the above data, calculate the velocity of Deiomos as it orbits the planet Mars.
b) Using the above data, calculate the mass of the planet Mars.

4. A bullet of mass 1.00 gram is shot into a block of mass 99 grams resting at the top of an incline plane as shown in the accompanying diagram. Remains imbedded in the block as the combinations slide down the 5 meters long incline. The coefficient of the kinetic friction between the block and the incline plane is 0.12872. The block with the bullet embedded arrives at the bottom of the incline moving at a speed of 9.9 m/s. What was the speed of the bullet just before impact with the block?

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