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Consumers: The Pawns of Retail
When I think of the term “shopping”, I think of endless lines, big crowds and more money spent than planned. I am one, it seems of very few women, whom does not enjoy this so called enjoyable past time. While browsing the aisles in various stores, whether it be a grocery or retail clothing store, I always felt they were pushing certain items on me. The “Big Weekend Sale” or the “10 for 10 Sale” makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside but I still walk out spending an exuberant amount of money. I have visited and analyzed three different stores based on the views of Paco Underhill: Kohl’s, Meijer and Sally Beauty Supply. I have discovered that the consumer is ...view middle of the document...

So like I always do, I googled the retail price of the sweatshirt if I bought it directly from Nike. Low and behold the actual retail value of the sweatshirt was only $55. Kohl’s increased the original price 20% to turn around and mark it down 25% to make me as a consumer think I’m getting a good deal. As I went through the different departments of the store, it was clear this was their main “sale” tactic. It just so happened that while I was at Kohl’s they experienced a power outage. I noticed that instead of going to the register and putting items on hold as the manager stood in the middle of the store and loudly announced, the majority of the consumers abandoned their merchandise in their carts and just left. It was too much of an inconvenience to stand in line to have the clerk bag and tag the items so they could return for them another time.
The second store I visited was Meijer because I needed to do some grocery shopping. As I walked in the doors, I once again entered the “Decompression Chamber”. This area is quite a bit bigger than Kohl’s, the carts and restrooms are located here. As I walked out of the decompression chamber and into the store I noticed that there was not another set of doors like Kohl’s. I just transitioned smoothly right into the store as I was greeted by an employee. I felt that the store greeter was almost like a welcoming beacon, that friendly hello made me feel good. I glanced to my right and was surprised to not see any merchandise. Since I was there to grocery shop, I immediately headed to the back of the store, I already knew I definitely needed milk and eggs and of course the dairy aisle is located in the back. As I made my way, I noticed the middle of the main isle was stacked with sale items. The first stack was seasonal baked goods and desserts. Pumpkin pie, donuts, apple cider, caramel apples, everything that reminds me of the comfort of fall in the kitchen. I feel I would grab an item or two from these sales tables as they are all conveniently bunched together but may not bother if I saw one of the items randomly placed here and there. While continuing to the back of the store, I all of a sudden remembered that I needed toothpaste, which was on the complete opposite side of the store. I turned down the next isle. A sale sign caught my eye for children’s socks so I turned into that isle instead. My cart brushed everything that I passed and I’m barely able to maneuver through. I abandoned the socks which immediately reminded me of Paco Underhills...

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